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  • March 8, 2023, 9:13 p.m.
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  1. I’ve come to the realization Reagan defunded the American mental health system, closing most in-patient mental health facilities, not to save money but rather to boost voting numbers for his political descendants. For Ronnie, random machete attacks were worth expanding The Base.

  2. There are two ways a parody of “Stacy’s Mom” called “Nathan’s Mom” would go: a lesbian-crush re-write for a female-led pop-punk outfit… or Deadpool singing it about his crush on Cable’s mother, Madeline “Goblin Queen” Pryor.

  3. Aquaman walked, as he swam, as he did everything, with a extraordinary sense of porpoise.

  4. A Star Trek themed WWF pay-per-view called HELL IN A NACELLE.

  5. There was never an Ernest P Worrell porn parody called ERNEST GOES TO TOWN and it is just a shame.

  6. When they make those charity posters of shirtless firemen to raise money for fire stations, do they at least call the calendar “Thirst Responders”? It seems almost too obvious.

  7. That wasn’t Mario kidnapping Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Junior. That was Wario, posing as Mario, in the greatest false-flag smear tactic in video game history.

  8. She was hired at the aquarium as a betta tester.

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