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  • Feb. 25, 2023, 7:19 p.m.
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It may not look like it here in this shot of the empty house across the street, but we had a record-breaking snowfall (since 1943) on Wednesday. It is now Saturday, and everything is still not happening. No mail, no Amazon, no garbage pickup. We are stuck in a looping snow day. One good thing is… no one is getting or giving Covid, other than to housemates one might be trapped with. And the sun is out!

It has been an excellent opportunity to redefine my relationship with Carlo, my now singular cat. We are developing new routines around food and play and comfort snuggling.

I have slowly been going through all the residual meds and special things for managing Diego’s chronic condition. What is funny is when I was putting away the sharps box for giving him his B-12 injections I found a bag of medicines that belonged to Mr. Finch. Oops. I remember vaguely throwing that bag in the back of the bathroom cabinet going I can’t deal with that now. 12 years ago!

Kind of embarrassing.

I need to get on a declutter schedule that works. This is a good year for it.

We passed a big bond initiative a few years back for upgrading our libraries, and yesterday we had the project director for implementation on a Zoom call with League members. She was amazing. A dedicated librarian, her enthusiasm for what the upgrades and new builds will have to offer was quite infectious. Good stuff to look forward to.

I can’t wait until the day that I can just casually visit our Central library again. Mr. Finch and I spent huge amounts of time in there, researching stuff for poems, and checking out art and poetry books and just hanging out reading magazines and listening to live classical music waft down the hall. Our Central Library is a jewel.

During the last three years I have checked out one actual book and everything else has been electronic. The libraries get a raw deal on e-books, and I feel bad about that. But it has also allowed me to read lots of enjoyable things since the before times that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

And lord knows, I do not need any more books!

I am so grateful I didn’t have to cancel anything truly important during our “weather event”. My next dental stuff doesn’t happen until May.

Spring will come, it will. I only need to have faith.

And maybe get some useful things done in the meantime.

Last updated February 26, 2023

Zipster February 27, 2023

Does this year's weather strike you as more like it used to be? We actually used to have winter, unlike the last 10 years of lack. I am glad you and Carlo are comforting each other. Perhaps he does not yet understand that Diego is truly gone?

noko Zipster ⋅ February 28, 2023

Well, we are definitely getting less perception than normal in spite of the big snow dump. I also don't remember having the not being able to getting out thing last 5 days before. Three max. Also our spring plants are later than normal this year, no doubt because of the drought last summer. I am glad you are feeling that things are returning to a more familiar pattern.

I think Carlo knows Diego is gone. It is just taking a little while for him to find his footing as the alpha cat. They used to wrestle as cats do and Carlo would push him out of say the cat bed or next to my hip. Now all of a sudden to his playing with the push toys I have around. That is kind of poignant. And he is talking more.

Zipster noko ⋅ March 01, 2023

I am sure in some ways Carlo is coming into his own and telling you all about it.

Jinn March 15, 2023

After Paris, my poodle was killed I had to pack up all her toys ( of which there are many ) and her beds. She liked her comfort :-) I could not bear to get rid of them and I have them still. However I put them up where I do not see them. I can’t look at the pictures of the pets I have lost either. I am such a wuss .
I am so tired of Winter …

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