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  • Dec. 4, 2022, 2 p.m.
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This is the time of year where it is a bit hard to get interesting pictures outside, so I have resorted occasionally to taking texture pictures inside. This is a tunic I no longer have and a scarf I have somewhere, but I know not where. When it gets found I will be happy as I have a sentimental attachment to the scarf. Heck, I have a sentimental attachment to this picture series, because Mr. Finch was around then.

As some of you know, we can’t take our memories for granted. Without lingering too long in mine it is nice to touch base with the ones I still have now and then.

Yesterday it was clear and hovering just above freezing. Mrs. Sherlock and I huffed our way up into the West Hills where there are spectacular views on a day like that. All the mountains were out and covered with fresh snow.

We came to this one particular point where there is a Japanese inflected garden with beautiful trees that Mrs. Sherlock loves, and I was chattering away. I headed for a freestanding bench looking at the view and my foot caught on a little lip to this gravel patch and down I went face forward.

Poor Mrs. Sherlock. She had been telling me that two acquaintances died this week, and one of my students who is a close friend of hers as well is in Utah taking care of her hoarder brother’s estate as he died last weekend. This is a person with a sick husband at home that needs care. Mrs. Sherlock was feeling burdened and down I went.

I have been with her three times over the years when she has fallen. I was not there for the big arm breaking fall though. I do know though how worried one gets. I bit my lower lip hard when I hit and there was a lot of blood. We were over a mile from both the car and home. My iPhone was in my hand, but I managed to protect it. I took a look at my face by reversing the camera and eek. I looked like I had been in a car accident.

I am a lucky bunny. I scraped one knee a bit, an elbow a little bit more, both hands at the base of the palm and the connective tissue of my back was a little out of sorts but the worst was the lip. Nurse Sherlock was evaluating if I needed stitches and I could tell she was way more concerned than I was. We walked down the shorter way, so I missed seeing my favorite house decorated but it was the right thing to do.

I took some Tylenol and a bath to wash the blood off my face. I iced my lip. I rested watching the 1st Gardeners’ World winter special and the new Gamache Three Pines series premiere on Prime.

It is so funny because I am terrified of slipping on ice and it was this little two-inch border lip that got me. I (gratefully) didn’t fall into the street. It all makes me so glad I do what I do physically. I spread out the force of the fall all through my body instead of taking it just in a wrist or shoulder.

We all fall. I tell my students this all the time. There are things one can do to make the event less damaging.

That said, I am seriously lucky I didn’t break anything. And as I told Mrs. Sherlock later when she texted to see how I was doing, hey, at least we were out there together sharing the glorious views and crisp clear weather. It is snowing now.

Last updated December 04, 2022

mcbee December 05, 2022

I agree that your flexibility helped you to avoid serious injuries, but I know it was scary. Falls are my biggest fear. As long as I can take care of myself I don't worry, but I don't want anyone else to have to take care of me. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Deleted user December 05, 2022

OUCH! So sorry you took a tumble like that! Glad it wasn't worse.

You're right about ways to fall. I learned that when attempting to learn how to snowboard. The natural inclination is to try to stop the fall with one's wrists, which is a great way to break them. So we actually had to learn how to stick our butts out to fall on them instead of swinging our hands backward. Two days of that and it was clear I was meant to ski, not snowboard.

Jinn December 05, 2022

Yikes! I am sorry you got hurt but relieved it did not turn out really bad.
I was always terrified of falling after I hurt my spine but I have fallen 2-3 times since and bounced back up ; amazingly . I don’t think the falls did my spine much good but I was only a little more sore after. It kind of reassured me that I am not some brittle old woman who could not risk normal activity . I am careful but not paranoid :-)
Take care!

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