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  • Sept. 22, 2022, 12:15 a.m.
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  1. Santo Claus, the Santa for luchadores, is making a list. He’s double-checking if it’s true, though. He’s going to find out if you’re tecnico or rudo.

  2. If you have a blorbo that you don’t REALLY like but pretend to like for the ironic meme, that’s your blorbius.

  3. If they hadn’t just gotten lazy and called their town “Nilbog” because it’s Goblin backwards, the trolls in Troll 2 could’ve gotten away with a lot more. Anagrams! “Lobing” or “Boling” sound totally like borrowed northern European loan names for American towns. Lazy lazy trolls.

  4. I like calling Patreon subscribers “Patsies” and Onlyfans subscribers “Onanists”.

  5. A parody of Rammstein about early television involving the line “DU. DUMONT. DUMONT NET. DUMONT NETWORK’S COOL.”

  6. A parody of “Volare” involving the line “Curare, whoa-oa-oa-oa, I’m dying, whoa-oa-oa-oa”.

  7. I am blessed to be a point in my life where I see talk about The Emmys on social media and I was genuinely like “The Emmys are tonight?” The less aware you are of the Hollywood prom court vote shows, the better chances there are of happiness.

  8. They’ll always hate Charles, for the one truly human thing he ever did publicly, leaving the gorgeous fairy-tale princess for a rather plain woman with whom he actually emotionally connected. The one frail mortal un-royal thing they ever saw him do. It’s ironies all the way down.

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