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  • June 3, 2022, 9:07 p.m.
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T got an opportunity to do a training seminar in Vegas. ITs 5 days, hotel including ,food included and a bunch of training opportunities and classes. They re already planning on signing with the company but they re throwing in a lot of extras to. So we are going. He paid 300 dollar fee for a companion ticket. So i get free food and drink as well. 300 for 5 days of food and drink. If i drank, that would be good lol. But i dont so Ill have to be sure I eat REALLY good food there. T will be in classes and seminars from 8 to 5 every day so i can work remotely during the day and at night we can go out and do tother cool things. Like hotel shows. Tony wants to do Circ but that is going to be 200 a seat omg.
In any event, its a terrible time for me at work. Our new building opens hopefully on the 13th, if its delayed it would be the 20th, when we are leaving. And i was going to go to the new building for little while too. so its complicated. Its the worst time for this training. But its going to be really fun. I hope to see some free shows. Ive always loved the ideas of some of the hotels. So i really want to check out the Egyptian and the Greek themed one . Cant remember what they are called. But i want to check out some of the free shows. But also maybe if there is some cool things to see on the way and thereā€¦ It would be neat to see some new stuff. Especially free, seeing T has already spent a bunch on the hotel ( for two extra nights) and the drive cost. Plus food ( drive and extra hotel days)

So yeah, that will be cool.

Jinn June 04, 2022

Las Vegas is fun. Enjoy !

Small Town Girl June 07, 2022

I will be curious to see your thoughts on Vegas. I've been 3 times. Not a fan. I would suggest the Hoover dam though. That was the highlight.

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