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  • May 25, 2022, 12:28 p.m.
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So I’ve pretty much abandoned my efforts for 6 months.

I’ve swung between 215 and 205 these past 6 months.

I think what made me give up is that at one point I was eating right and expercising and losing weight and then I hit a stall where I couldn’t get past 205. And then it became really unmotivating to do the right things and not lose weight when I could also eat a plate of pancakes and still not get past 205.

I literally did liquid diets one week and ate whole bags of chips another week and still stayed around 205 and it was infuriating.

So I don’t count cals anymore, I don’t exercise anymore, I don’t measure myself anymore, I don’t get on the scale much anymore.

I am happy with the weight I’ve lost. How I look and feel compared to when I was 295. I’m still obese but a much more manageable obese.

I kept telling myself when it got warmed that I would get back on track. Because the cold dark months really put me in an unmotivated mood. And now it’s that time and I really need to hold myself accountable.

I only wanted to get to 175. I feel like that’s an attractive weight for me. It’s really only 30 or 40lbs away but they seem the hardest to break through.

I guess what I knew about the surgery was that it only restricts your body and not your mind. I still do want to eat everything in the amounts I used to. I still want ice cream when I’m sad and chips when I’m anxious. I still love CARBS above all other food groups.

I’m still the “me” that got myself to 300lbs, just with a restriction on my stomach that stops me from getting there - yet. But I know I could get back there.

Oh and anyone who used to follow me from 6 months ago - my husband did not succeed. He still has a restricted stomach but eats what he wants more often than I do. We’ve been through the gambit of me trying to pull him along with me on this weight loss journey but he won’t do it. And so I’ve given up on him but not on myself.

So I’m gonna go back to tracking my food and my exercise here. Text me or msnger me if you want an accountability buddy. We’ll compare meals, water intake, exercise regimes and weigh ins or measurements. I know I would do better with even an online buddy than doing it alone.


I just wanted to mention that 2 people reached out to me today wanting to lose weight and be accountability buddies! 1 had weight loss surgery and 1 did not AND I’m supposed to do an online work out with Teach. When it rains it pours! I’m so glad. But I’m still interested in anyone who wants to be accountable!

I came home and Will had a brownie and chocolate milk waiting for me. I haven’t given in yet.

630am - 730am - 310 cals - 2 cups choc pb protein shake made with water
830am - 930am - 10 cals 2 cups water with Gatorade flavoring
10am - 1030am - 10cals - 2 cups broth
12pm - 440 cals - Thai TV dinner (I was SO Hungry by this point - I guess I need a snack)
1pm - 4pm - 100 - 2 cups Coffee and creamer (I wasn’t even hungry but tiiiired)
330pm - 400pm - 340cals - trail mix (with m&ms)
630pm - 700pm - 600cals fried zucchini blossoms

Total cals - 1810
Total water - 8 cups

30 min free youtube ab work out (half assed and laughing with teach the whole time)
60 min walk with my mom, sister and Emma - so more like a stroll lol

Last updated May 26, 2022

lessoff May 25, 2022

you can do it.

Des May 26, 2022

Weighloss journeys suck. It isnt easy and you have seriously rocked it thus far!

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