a bit of an emotional week in Not-So-Hum-Dingers

  • May 30, 2014, 6:09 p.m.
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So my mind has been abuzz with various things since last week. Mostly the same ol' Jake-is-happy-all-of-the-time stuff, but with an event that had an unexpected impact upon my emotions.

You see, you faithful readers of mine will remember me talking about a girl named Alicia. She moved up here to CT from Augusta, Georgia when we were little and we became super-good friends. I used to go over to her house to rollerskate in her basement and our families were all friends, too. Her mom worked at Nestle with my dad, we were always hanging out together, and her older sister was my brother and I's babysitter for a long time.

Anyway, last weekend Alicia's father passed away after battling a glioblastoma (a super-malignant brain tumour). I read about it in her facebook status update and it gave me a punched-in-the-gut-feeling, but not for my sorrow, but for Alicia's. She has been my friend the longest out of all of the human beings on this planet, and even though we haven't been in much contact these past few years, I know we could be in the same room and just shoot the same shit as always.

I had no idea Tom was sick (like I said, Alicia and I haven't really been in touch these past few years), and with a situation that bears at least a little resemblance to what I'd gone through just a little over ten years ago.

I'm just writing this because it has been on my mind all week, and I just want to give my oldest friend a big squishy hug and let her know that I'm here for her.

I'm working another Saturday tomorrow, I don't know why the kid that's supposed to work isn't, all I know is that Laurie asked me yesterday if I was still going to be working this Saturday. I came up here and asked Sezzie (my real boss) and she said that yes, she'd already known and agreed a few weeks ago. I'm a little annoyed because the little dipstick weekend kid doesn't seem to like being employed, but in the end I get to have a lot of fun kicking ass at a job that I am really freakin' good at and my coworkers and higher-ups appreciate my hard work even more. Plus I'll get paid cash for the whole day's work, and it's always nice to have that extra cushioning in my wallet.

My mom's coming over tomorrow, too, so it will be super-awesome to see her.

I am really grateful for my whole entire life.

Mrs. Peebs May 30, 2014

So sorry to hear about that and I can totally see how it would have a huge impact on you. May he rest I peace and may the family find the strength to get through this time. my thoughts and prayers are with the family and you ad well. huge hugs

mrsckugs May 30, 2014

I'm sorry bout your friend. Just let yourself feel and process your emotions. That is all you can really do. hugs

Puffing Troll May 30, 2014


Deleted user May 31, 2014

hugs sounds like rough news hun. Stay smiling xxx

TellTaleHeart May 31, 2014

I was in a similar situation several years ago... my oldest friend in the world's dad was diagnosed with cancer and was dead within 3 months. It was awful. I'm sorry for your friend's loss. ~hugs~

Deleted user June 02, 2014

So sorry to hear about this for your friend, death is hard, I know that one. The important thing is that you are her friend and when something like that happens, a good friend is needed :)

ghostlovefloor June 03, 2014

:( Aw sorry to hear that bug hugs

Spinster June 10, 2014

Sorry to read about your friends Dad. I hope you were able to reach out to her.

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