• Sept. 14, 2021, 1:36 a.m.
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Do you ever feel like what’s his name from the film Groundhog day Bill Murry who wakes up knowing he has to spend eternity being in the same place seeing the same people and doing the same thing because i flipping do

I get up
I potter about the house doing jobs
I walk the dog
I go food shopping once a week
I go to work 4 afternoon and one morning a week
And that’s it that’s my life the same shit day in and day out

Some day i sit on the end of my bed and have to think what day is it and what am I meant to be doing because they all blend into one
And other days I get up and think not this shit again when will it ever stop

Its not the old age that will finish me off its the bloody boredom that will do me in

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