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  • Sept. 10, 2021, 6:52 p.m.
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The band NOFX have an album titled S&M Airlines complete with a title track. It’s about some unsuspecting guy taking a flight on what amounts to a sex dungeon airline.

So, I started thinking. 😁
You know some ultra wealthy weirdo has a flight like this for his weirdo friends. See Epstein. Anyways, say like in the middle of the debauchery an engine goes out or a disaster occurs and they have to make an emergency landing.

With no time to change into their regular clothes.

Plus the media learns of someone important (politician, philanthropist, respected celebrity) is on the flight so they RUSH to the airport to be the first to get the coverage of the plane landing…and passengers exiting.

Floppy strap-ons, leather whips, zip up masks, ass-less chaps and a Hell of a lot of ball-gags.

That story would run twenty-four seven on ALL the major networks and it’d be extremely hilarious.

Oh, to dream big.

Last updated September 10, 2021

Blue 🦋 Flowers September 10, 2021

It wouldn't run 24/7. The media would cover it up or make something up just like they did with Epstein.

J.E. Blue 🦋 Flowers ⋅ September 11, 2021

Not if security takes cell phone footage. 😂☺

Tempestuous1 September 13, 2021


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