Will's doc appt in Weight Loss Surgery

  • Aug. 11, 2021, 6:28 a.m.
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So Will faced the music yesterday after his 20lb weight gain since the last time the doc has seen him 3 months ago.

And when he got in the doc’s office, he of course asked what was happening. And Will basically confessed that he’s been snacking a lot.

Here’s the thing that even my mom didn’t get until I explained it to her:

Say you’re obese and you are used to eating 25 oreos for breakfast.
Then you get the surgery and you can only eat 5 oreos for breakfast. You may lose weight cause you’re eating a way smaller breakfast than you used to but it’s not right cause you shouldn’t be having oreos for your daily breakfast anyway.
However, if you break up the meal and eat 2 oreos an hour all day long, you can def get back to 30 oreos a day over time because you’re eating (albeit small amounts) of bad food constantly.

So for Will, snacking on cookies, multiple times during his 10 hour shift on the truck, is part of what brought on this weight gain.

I thought the doc would suggest he get a therapist - which I didn’t think Will would do - to fix his mind to stop mindlessly eating. But instead the doc offered an appetite suppressant. I don’t know the name of it cause Will refused it. Will hates medicine.

So then the doc said that Will should go back to his liquid diet.

I’ve heard of people doing it before - they call it a “Reset”. Basically you’re supposed to eat like you did when you first got out of surgery. Liquid diet for a few weeks, then soft foods for a while. Mainly protein like protein shakes, meat broth and cottage cheese, etc.

I don’t know if this is to train your mind or your stomach but definitely to stop the over eating.

So Will said he’s ready to do this. And I might do it with him. Take away all bad food choices by only sticking to liquids. Will we splurge on weekends? I don’t know. But we can def handle a liquid diet during the week.

But we need to stock up. We need like a 2 week supply for 2 people of liquid foods. I don’t even know how much we can drink in a day. I feel like we need 100 bottles of some sort of liquid to make it through! Which will be expensive but we can’t ruin our surgeries!!

ninakir88 August 11, 2021

i hope will figures it out. 20 pounds after this kind of surgery is def a lot, but i get that you have to be 100% dedicated to lose the weight, surgery or not.

lessoff August 11, 2021

So there is a woman on YouTube called jorden shrinks (I could be spelling that wrong) anyway she lost a bit of weight and would complain a lot about bloating. She also got skin reduction surgery but they left a bit of extra skin above her back and she says that part bloats a lot.

Have you ever heard that? Jorden is young (I think late 20’s)

sedentary lessoff ⋅ August 11, 2021

I guess everyone bloats but it's kinda scary to think she's bloating in her back!
As for Will, I don't think it's bloating cause of the 3 different snacks I had to remove from his truck lol

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