july 26 in idea barrages

  • July 24, 2021, 6:37 p.m.
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  1. Cross-stitch is some hard Emmanuel labor.

  2. As we are around 80% water, occasionally we must drink something that’s 80% alcohol, to balance it out, you know, from time to time.

  3. A woodworking shop called Unfinished Business.

  4. Santa Claus falls in love with a lonely widowed New York City chef is “Mirepoix On 34th Street”.

  5. Analyzing what new books are popular in circulation so that the library I work at can give the people what they want, I deduced the most profitable title for a book in 2021 would be “The Summer Beach Library Woman’s Sister’s Daughter”. There you go, make that money.

  6. Rob Zimmerman, Midwestern dirtfarmer folkie, spent his life becoming Bob Dylan, rich rock-star with a nice house outside of NYC. Bruce Springsteen, bar rocker an okay commute from Manhattan, spent his life trying to be a Midwestern dirtfarmer folkie. It’s like poetry, it rhymes.

  7. Huge fan of when the seals on medicine say “tamper evident packaging”. Like not tamper PROOF but at least tamper evident. Like how Batman isn’t bulletproof like Superman but he sure is bulletevident! All that blood, man, you can’t mistake it, a wise feature.

  8. Whenever children’s media calls a dumptruck a “dumper” I always giggle because, uh, that’s slang for other things too.

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