Finally went to the gym in Weight Loss Surgery

  • June 15, 2021, 1:51 p.m.
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The VP of Philanthropy came to my job today, which means they buy lunch! She wanted Chinese but we ordered from a hibachi type place so I basically had hibachi veggies and white rice. I feel like rice makes me fuller than noodles for some reason. I ate that for lunch yesterday and breakfast today after the gym cause I was starving.

She came because we were having a board meeting and it’s the first in person we’ve had with the board since pre - covid. Usually they come to the office and we order food but we had it at restaurant’s outsides seating under a tent.

I got penne vodka and when I took my left overs home I had 4 CUPS of leftover pasta. I don’t know how much I ate but it was a GIGANTIC bowl. I gave that to Will after the gym cause he was hungry too.

And for dessert they brought out the chocolate mousse cake and I basically ate half the frosting. I just couldn’t help myself even though I was full from lunch and dinner - I just wanted that frosting!

When I got home last night I pretty much went straight to bed because Will said any weekday that he gets home by 6am we can go to the gym. And today he did, so we did. This is actually our second time cause we went on Sunday as well but that was just for 30 minute and it was kinda just getting acclimated to the gym. Finding what machines we liked, etc.

This second time I kinda had a routine and I can honestly say I worked out hard today. A full hour. That stair machine really wipes me out. I was only on that 13 minutes!

I don’t love my arms but I’m not even going to TRY increase my muscle to the point my arms don’t look melted and saggy. It just is what it is so I only did one arm machine.

I also seem to be losing from my waist pretty naturally so I only did one ab machine. I’m focusing more on my legs cause I feel like with how big thigh muscles are, I can increase that muscle to make my legs not so wobbly. Esp. the inner and backs of the thighs.

I’m loving all the weight that’s coming off but I basically just look like a melted ice cream cone with my clothes off and that’s a reality I knew would happen from the start.

However, I rather be a melted ice cream cone that fits in an airplane seat, than a taut firm orange that doesn’t fit in public anywhere.

KPink June 21, 2021

Every little bit you are doing is going to help. You will see changes and you will feel really good which is a great motivator!

sedentary KPink ⋅ June 22, 2021

thank you!

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