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  • June 14, 2021, 6:31 a.m.
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I am once again in Facebook jail. This time for seven days, I am unable to comment or post. My crime is hate speech which now includes challenging the COVID-19 hoax. Of course, we know through Dr. Shiva and his legal case against the US government that it is now a fact that our governments are censoring us. They are laundering censorship through big tech and even have a literal playbook on how to influence elections written by Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager. The people in charge of protecting our rights are finding loopholes to bring in their communism. Canada is so far up China’s ass that we are pushing out propaganda that the origins of con-19 came from animals and happened naturally. The rest of the world is talking about the Wuhan leak and Canada is fully committed to the propaganda. Calling that out was hate speech. Bill C-10 is getting pushed through which gives our government authority to regulate what we see and say online. Even conservative hero Jordan Peterson supports this tyranny, so long as it is in response to a pandemic. Germany is trying to take legal action against Telegram because they won’t let them into their app to monitor what we are all saying. The ability to criticize governments is what makes the west the west. People who support the governments are zero percent better than the NAZI supporters in NAZI Germany. They’re the scum and filth of the earth and a threat to humanity because they are cognitively hijacked by propaganda.

I came across an article talking about the US investigating Trudeau for his involvement with China. I mean, it’s already obvious. It is anti-Asian hate to bring up the concentration camps to him. We already have documents that were made public that prove that he knew about con-19 before anyone else and he helped sweep it under the rug for China. One of his ministers has to produce information about the two people that were fired from our virology lab in my city but he straight up refuses to which is illegal. Rules for thee and not for me of course. It is now getting proper attention that we share employees with the Wuhan lab. The president of Ghana has stated that the origins of con-19 are from Canada and that it was brought to Wuhan for safekeeping, to be used if they needed it. Whatever that artifact was they ended up needing it. These people are not above unleashing a hoax pandemic on the world to get Trump out of office. He was in the way, America is now the world’s ATM again as shown at the G7 summit. Next time we see those treasonous leaders it better be like the glorious scenes after the Nuremberg tribunals.

Our restrictions got tighter and the fines got bigger in my province. Following the admission in court from the government’s own expert witness that the PCR test determines nothing. This is a casedemic through and through, officially. That is now facts. Only a handful of people are allowed in small stores, we have officers enforcing masks at big box stores and a made-up team of covid compliance officers asking for papers at parks and giving tickets to children. I think in Ontario they still might have “non-essential items” locked up. Meanwhile, there are states signing bills banning public health orders, the constitution does not get put aside to protect filthy adults with failing health that they earned. I mean, we have four-year-olds bleeding from their private parts because we are vaccinating them to protect adults. We just keep making young people sacrifice more and more for these adults who earned their underlying conditions. Mandate healthy lifestyle choices, watch those freaks change their tune. These vaccines are sourced from babies, this society is so godless that they have zero moral dilemmas about cannibalizing babies for healthcare. There is no good in those people. Anyway, our freedoms are being held for ransom, 90% of us have to take this lethal injection. This existential dread about it becoming mandated gives me literal anxiety. My stomach is in knots. All we have to do is disobey all of these orders. Nobody wants to organize here. I don’t want to leave my family otherwise I would flee to America.

It’s like nobody even heard of the Fauci e-mails here. The masks don’t work but Gen X+, the failed experiment, is too committed to the propaganda. They are in that cable news cult where nothing is real until the news says so. Wuhan released it, Fauci covered for them and Facebook aided and abetted in that propaganda effort. As per his e-mails. He suppressed cures and successful treatments to make room for the vaccines and to help manufacture this alleged pandemic. This is all science fiction up here, the cable news cult thinks it is a conspiracy theory. These people are so stupid here. The majority of Gen X+ that hasn’t woken up will never wake up. That failed experiment generation is an absolute write-off.

I wish this wasn’t my first thought of the day. I woke up just pissed off. I have to go to work, wear a blue mask and play pretend that Health Canada makes laws and that our politicians can pass laws through the media. That is is perfectly normal that my employers and politicians can make medical decisions for me. That these covid commies are normal people. Blah.

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