Prosecution in First entry

  • June 11, 2021, 10:53 a.m.
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So, I have retained my 2nd attorney in year. Seriously, what is going on here? The good news is after I explained the situation he just said, I know this may seem like enough, but with the information you have given me, you have nothing to worry about. We spoke again in the afternoon and he reiterated that I should not stress over this. It was going to be ok. There’s a decent chance that it gets dismissed before it even goes to trial. What a relief. When he told me to get it dismissed would be a few hundred bucks, I was floored. I was expecting it to be thousands. I will still have to get it expunged from my record, but at least I do not have to stress over dealing with a stupid false criminal charges.

This brings me to the first time I have felt a little comfort in a while. In my state, if someone files malicious and false criminal charges against you, you have the right to sue them for the damages after the charges are dismissed. I will absolutely go after this with everything I can. I am finished with sitting back and taking it. Now I have justified grounds for action. I am excited. She can play her stupid games. I am hoping this will be what finally wakes her up and stops her from playing these stupid games. I am tired of dealing with the stress. I want to financially wreck her so she doesn’t have the ability to continue the harassment. It is time for her to feel the pressure of her decisions to screw with me and to attempt to falsely destroy everything I have worked and sacrificed for. To be continued.

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