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  • June 9, 2021, 5:40 p.m.
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Covid has changed the way things taste. Im getting my sense of smell back, not strongly but i CAN smell things YAY! But the way things taste is something different. Like some things are more muted but others. Like soda, its SO disgusting. Soda tastes like the hyper sweet sugar it is now. Somewhat like diet soda haha. I got chick fil a yesterday and it was ok. The burger tasted more spicy then normal but the fries were SO salty. I know that they could have just been salty, but it was bad. I ate the chicken and that was it.
I was working on quitting soda when i got sick. I was trying to reduce how much i was drinking. But it just really sealed it for me. Im sitting here sipping on water. Which when in a gatoraid bottle tastes pretty amazing. Dont ask me why, but it tastes way better in the CLEANED gatoraid bottle then my waterbottles with my hilarious stickers on them.

the thing is, if i keep trying the soda, ill eventually get over the sweetness and be able to drink it again… So im trying hard not to. I took a few sips to wash down my pills this morning. And then drank a pink lemonade and water.

Oh i just ate a sausage muffin and i could actually taste the sausage this time. The first ones i had were SO plain i thought maybe they make the sausage have no flavor for a “lower calorie” option. Nah just my broken taste buds haha.

So quitting soda is good, it does suck a bit because it was my one thing, my vice that i indulged in. And now its gone. But health wise its good.
I lost 10 lbs from being sick. Im sure im about to put it back on as im getting hungry again haha. Damn it. My face looks slightly less round. I still need to loose 20 lbs. But i rally feel hungry, i guess because i just spent a week not feeling good and not eating much. While i have that voice in the back of my head, if you arent drinking your calories/carbs you will loose weight. Reality is, my thyroid fuckery makes it harder to loose weight even at an extreme calorie deficit. And the body dosent LIKE to loose weight. So it will adjust to burn exactly what you need in calories wise.

Im supposed to go back to work. I Dont know when. Maybe next week? my quarentine is lifted but when i called to get my schedule, i was left on hold for a long time. So maybe ill go in? Or just call back in the evening and hope its quieter. Im not sure if they want me to retest or just come back. Im sure my husband will be happy im out of the house for a while again. Hes been really grumpy at me again… i get tired of getting snipped out. He snipped at me last night, so i left bed and played on my phone in the living room. He waited for me to come back to tell me i was being rude, then went to sleep. sigh. whatever.

Oh 7 more bunnies down. 6 to a new home, and one got sick and im not sure what happened, while i was sick. But she died a couple days ago. THAT sucked. It was my beautiful harli girl. I have her baby but not as good of coloring as mom. And i really didnt want to breed again. I just wanted my best woolers for spinning.

ok im going to go, ill leave you with some photos of me in the shower.
alt text

alt text

no joking. thats my hand, In the shower. I was showering with my bird birdy birdy borb borb borbs

rhizome June 09, 2021

my friend said everything tasted like cinnamon when she had covid, which was really disconcerting when she tried to eat a turkey sandwich

those birbs are kind of cute? and this is coming from a true ornithophobe

ChainedChrysalis rhizome ⋅ June 09, 2021

haha thats kinda funny. Everything is either too sweet or too salty for me.

They are taking their bath in the shower with me. They do their weird shower pose when it mists them and close their eyes like they are going to sleep. Most of the time they just try to eat you.

Jinn June 11, 2021

Glad you are feeling better but that sucks about the taste distortion.

Jinn June 11, 2021

Love the birds!

Small Town Girl June 13, 2021

Green bird looks so happy!! Haha adorable!

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