Covid take two in Bittersweet

  • June 5, 2021, 6:48 p.m.
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days one and two was a minor cough. The two days prior were days off of work and those two days are what the health department says were my infectious days. But sick one and two was a minor cough and not feeling so well. Days 3 and 4 i called into work because i was spiking fevers and cold sweats. I slept almost all day both days too. I took the covid test on day 4 ( or 6 according to the health department, however those two days they said i caught it were my days off and i have no idea HOW i caught it on those two days seeing i was home with the husband and kids) so i covid tested on day 4. positive. I didnt feel THAT sick. It was relatively minor at that point. Day 5 i felt sicky, The cough was still there, but not terrible then either. Day 6 it hit me harder. The fevers, cold sweats, the cough was a lot deeper. Im on day 8. Offically I can go back to work on the 7th, but work has me out till the 14th. Im not feeling in any capacity to be able to go back to work right now. I feel extremely weak. I ate today, and a bit yesterday. Half a can of soup and yesterday a sandwich. Today i ate half a can of soup a few slices of apple and a hamburger. I feel this odd pit in my stomach. Like i want to eat but i get so queasy trying. It hit differently this time. Before it felt more flu like and passed the sick part in a few days. This time its lingering a lot longer and the cough is so much more wretched. It alternates between deep and wet and very high and thin. Both leave me coughing till i heave. Cough meds do not help. Ive drank almost an entire bottle of nyquil. half a bottle of dayquil and half a bottle of robotussin too. Ive been taking them around the clock trying to stop the coughing. I even tried alcohol. I NEVER drink. Ever. But you get desperate to stop the cough enough to breathe.
B tested negative for covid. We didnt test the other kids yet. My boss said they may require my enitre house hold to test negative. Health department said they cant ask for that information. Its his private health information. He wont get the test anyway. So they can fire me for it haha. Walmart and target pay better anyway. If they want to fight me on iti. Ill get a job at walmart. I can understand asking me to have a negative test. EXCEPT the health department said its not uncommon to test positive for 90 days after you catch it even when you dont have any more health symptoms and only contagious for 10 days. IE the 7th.

C is having nosebleeds and coughing and some fevers. L just started in with a headache today and is generally tired feeling off. Technically they are supposed to isolate until the 22nd. 2 weeks after my isolation ends. And any person who gets sick in each set of 2 weeks, tacks on another 2 weeks haha. But they said i can go back to work. You know, because you shouldent get sick again.. lolz.
Ok im about at the end of my strength. So time to go lay down… the couch is coming back sigh..
I cant even use my oil blends because they are toxic to parrots and we dont want to make the parrotshits sick.

Jinn June 07, 2021

This virus is no joke and I am sorry you are so ill. One of my very best friends and her husband have it right now too . It’s been ten days for them and they still feel bad.
I hope the rest of your family does not get it :-( . Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you start getting better right away.

ChainedChrysalis Jinn ⋅ June 08, 2021

Everyone in the house is a varying degree of ill. My husband is recovering. My baby had a few days of feeling sick and fever and was fine for the last 6 days. My two younger boys are off and on coughing and wimpy then fine. My second oldest son has been coughing and getting a ton of bloody noses, my oldest tested for covid after feeling wimpy for a few days and was negative.

I seem to be hit the hardest. And right now its like everything gone wrong. My period came 8 days early. the coughing is rough and ive had a migraine for two days now.

Jinn ChainedChrysalis ⋅ June 09, 2021

I am so sorry . Sending vibes that everyone starts feeling better.

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