Positive in Bittersweet

  • June 1, 2021, 2:58 p.m.
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Well im positive for covid today.
ive been coughing about 5 days, slept for 3 with a low grade fever and cold sweats. I figured seeing i called out of work i otta get a covid test. Sure enough its positive. Its a much lighter case then when i got sick 14 months ago. And im already feeling a lot better. But i do have to report it to my work and stay home for the next 10 or so days. Which is nice for me to rest and shitty for the paycheck…
Oh well. At least im feeling a lot better today then i was a few days ago. Even yesterday.
Symptoms are mild. Im coughing. a bit of a heavy on my chest. some sinus drip causing sore throat. There was a mild fever but mostly cold sweats. So literally its been hot cold hot cold with a cough.

But based on how im feeling now im sure its just a super mild second case of covid. Its what happens when you work with the public. And now i feel bad because i had that mild tickling cough for two days at work. But really seeing i was feeling better i really had no intention of following through with the test. I didnt think it would be positive. Im already feeling a lot better.

So now, do i wait 10 days from the test ( today) and test again. or is it 10 days from feeling better, or 10 days from day 1 on symptoms? how does this work lol.

Jinn June 02, 2021

Wait until the quarantine is up and then test again. I am so sorry you are sick.

ChainedChrysalis Jinn ⋅ June 02, 2021

thats the plan.

Jinn ChainedChrysalis ⋅ June 02, 2021

Rest, Rest, Rest :-) Eat well. Take vitamins. Take Zinc . Call the doctor right away if you feel any worse . Hugs!

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