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  • May 25, 2021, 12:26 p.m.
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So I am going to try out Noom. I have never paid for a weight loss program before so I am hoping this is going to work out for me. I have never had much success with controlling my weight and I know at this point it is having a negative impact both emotionally and physically on my life. I don’t like where things are headed yet I still don’t seem to be able to stop them from happening. It is almost like I want to self destruct.

Evelyn May 25, 2021 (edited May 25, 2021)


You just need to eat healthily in decent portion sizes(most your food should be vegetables) and exercise, eat good carbs rather than bad(, and don't drink alcohol or extra calories like soda or juices, drink LOTS of water, like that should literally be 95% of your beverage intake, stay away from fast food and if you're gonna eat some do sparingly and choose health fast food.. An app isn't going to MAKE you do anything. YOU have to do the work yourself. And keep up with it, don't quit, ever... Stay consistent everyday on your exercise(cardio). There are days where you might not do so well. If that happens just continue the next day. Don't ever stop. Think of it more of a lifestyle than a diet. I guarantee if you treat your body healthily, you'll see a difference in your mind too. I'm less depressed and more motivated to do things. I feel stronger and have a feeling of good health overall. You can do this without paying for apps.. it's just a lifestyle change. I think that's what the diet industry wants everyone to think is they have to be on all these scientific diets when it's really just eating healthy foods(doesn't even have to be organic) and exercise. That's it.

CountingStars May 25, 2021

I use Noom and love it. It goes into the psychological reasons and processes that lead to certain food choices, it talks about emotional eating and how to change habits. It has recipe suggestions, meal prep tips, and really detailed explanations for why certain foods are better than others, etc. I truly highly recommend it. It taught me a lot, and the interface is really user-friendly. I have always consistently exercised, and that part is important also. But where most people get hung up is with eating habits, and that program has so many valuable resources.

lost soul CountingStars ⋅ May 26, 2021

Thanks, I am going to sign up today and start tomorrow.

secretsmile May 26, 2021

Ive been on Noom for 2.5 months now. Im down 17 lbs. Its going to talk alot about stuff you might already know. But putting the work in, reading the articles every day, being mindful about your choices and logging every day really helps me. Good luck

lost soul secretsmile ⋅ May 28, 2021

thanks, I started yesterday and I am hopeful this might make a difference. I know I eat for the wrong reasons and I am hopeful that their approach of looking at why I eat instead of what I eat will help.

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