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I’m not really religious, but I agree with her 100%. It’s really sad how we are poisoning our bodies. However, its also so hard to afford organic. Maybe if it was just me or my bf didn’t eat so ...

1 day ago

11th entry?? in Summer 2019

Can I exceed 10 entries in a day?? I read somewhere on PB its not allowed. One entry however, is private.. So Idk if that counts.

We’ve basically been ignoring eachother since he got home.. We said “Hi” to each other and then he said ” Are you gonna hog the TV all day?” cause he wanted to play video games. I told him “I act...

I know I said I wouldnt weigh myself for a while but I did this morning and found that Ive lost 2lbs! I find that awesome because I’m losing fat, not just water weight. I tried on a couple shirts...

1 day ago

Dollar Tree in Summer 2019

Finally went to Dollar Tree and got some stuff.. Idk if there really was a point to it since Idk if i’ll be here or not after a while.. Idk if my bf is gonna come home and just confirm that we’re...

1 day ago

5 acres in Summer 2019

5+ acres - I would hope that I could afford 5 acres or more because I’d love to stay away from neighbors as well as have room to make the property my own. Camper trailer or single wide trailer h...

1 day ago

I'm not sure in Summer 2019

I’m not sure what will happen today but I’m preparing as if we are done. I wrote down the logins and passwords for the utilities for him.. He was never really good at that online payment stuff, s...

2 days ago

Past Entries in Summer 2019

I looked thru my past entries… Wow, pretty much ever since I got this job, our relationship has gone drastically down hill. Maybe it was before but I never liked to talk about it, until I had to....

2 days ago

A week in Summer 2019

I can say today has been a whole 7 days I’ve been alcohol free. 👍 The first few days were kinda shitty but after that it got easier and I have no desire to drink at all. I think I’m just done wit...

2 days ago

Motel in Summer 2019

He left to stay in a motel for the night.. I’d think you might call this the end.

2 days ago

Resentment in Summer 2019

I have so much built up resentment toward him I dont even think about how hes actually been off coke for almost a month. I just see that hes been replacing it with getting high thru marijuana and...

I wanted a half sandwich at a local deli today, but they misunderstood and gave me a full sandwich, which I paid for, thinking it was expensive because of the avocado and bacon. Oh well.. I proba...

I’m feeling good today. Yesterday was discouraging in the evening because I felt like I bloated back up and cant seem to see if theres been a difference since I started the fasting(probably becau...

4 days ago

Great Dane in Summer 2019

I used to think after Little Ann, I wouldnt want anymore great danes, but honestly, over the years, I wouldnt mind to have another again someday.

A couple of okay days and then its back to being his usual drunken high self again. I guess it is his weekend so can I really blame him? Idk… I dont like the fucking whippits even if they arent s...

6 days ago

Ate.. in Summer 2019

…Ate a subway Italian BMT sandwich with baked lays chips and water at 930am. Didnt finish all my chips til almost off work. I also had some lunch meat and cheese that Id packed in my lunch. Toni...

Back to work.. After a horrible weekend. I’m hoping my fast gets easier. Ive noticed I dont have a lot of bloating, but havent lost any weight. I’m gonna drink water and a coffee to curb the hung...

August 13, 2019

Finally its 9am! in Summer 2019

Ive waited for hours until 9am to be able to eat. I’ve just been taking swigs of water every so often to curb the hunger but I’ll be able to finally fucking eat! I’m fucking depressed because of...

August 13, 2019

Intermittent Fasting in Summer 2019

So I havent eaten since about 3pm. I’m gonna try holding off eating until 9am. Ive just been drinking water and it’s helped a bit with the hunger. My tummy is a little flatter just after 1 day, b...

So he says hes going to a smoke shop, but I have a feeling hes meeting his dealer there or something. He wont tell me anything because he thinks I cheated on him with the roommate or someone at w...

August 12, 2019

Hangover in Summer 2019

Ive been laying in bed all day, sleeping off and on to get rid of my hangover(yeah I know I said I was quitting). I was supposed to go grocery shopping, which I probably will still do in a bit. I...

August 11, 2019

16/8 in Summer 2019

I’m gonna try to fast 16 hours everyday and just give myself a window to eat for 8 hours. I hadnt eaten since 5pm last night and so I just ate a half hour ago. I ate a mini skillet bowl from Taco...

August 09, 2019

All About YOU!!! in Summer 2019

It’s all about what YOU want, isnt it? Ugh, he wants Taco Bell when we spent fucking $70 on pizza last night and still have plenty of leftovers!! And then he doesnt want me to argue with him in ...

August 09, 2019

My Rabbit in Summer 2019

I sometimes wish things could be different. I sometimes wish I could’ve had a chance with Rabbit, but it makes me wonder, would we had ever made eachother happy? Or would it have become another...

August 08, 2019

Im fucking done in Summer 2019

I’m fucking done with alcohol. It just makes me angry. And every time I drink, we end up fighting and I’m so done with that. I’m done with this lifestyle of coming home and drinking until dinner ...

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