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Hello, I’ve decided to delete my old entries and rename my profile. I’ve done this because I need to stop putting complaints about my job and my life online. What I’d like to accomplish is a be...

August 07, 2016

Wild Flowers in Fiction

Our first Spring sprouted an abundance of wild flowers that expressed the truly hidden beauty of our property with their multiple colors, that lasted well into the Summer. They swayed playfully ...

August 01, 2016

Tomatoes in Fiction

It was Spring and behind the house, was our garden. It was time to plant the Roma tomato seeds. As I entered through the white picket-fenced door to the garden, I sighed looking at the manual lab...

July 29, 2015

The House in Fiction

(Eplans.com) The house was a one-story, farmhouse-style home with several acres of property, outlined by tall cotton trees and a glassy creek. It was just a fixer-upper, but my husband and I wer...

July 09, 2015

The Creek in Fiction

Starting from the north edge, stretched and etched, parallel with the property line, was a full and continuous creek, flowing like infinite silk. The water was flawless and clear, reflections bou...

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