What a week in Bittersweet

  • April 8, 2021, 6:12 a.m.
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Holllleeeyyy sheet that was a week.
So i had a 3 day weekend with a paid day for easter yay me!
lets start with easter. Personally i have a moment on Ostara which is before easter and then easter itself is a mainstream easter. We did an egg hunt, and ham for dinner. Ostara we dyed our eggs and i welcomed spring with some planting. Easter morning i woke up to hide my eggs for the three youngers and i found all my chickens gone. My 1 month old baby fluffs that were JUST feathered out and moved to the coop were dead. I found 6 bodies and my damn dog with NO pray drive in her 7 years, puked up another one. 13 gone. She had to have eaten 7 of them… She broke through the coop wire… So now we have no chickens. I cleaned it up and hid the eggs and the kids didnt even notice. I told them later. I was honest. The dog was in shame ( scolded) and stayed outside and away from everyone for the day. She came in Sunday night and we forgave. I get instincts. Its just a shame she took out all 13! T dosent want to have chicks in the bathroom AGAIN, but we are all set up for them! I may get a few more. He wants me to try to find some feathered out. Ill probably grab 6 or so… Because i need some dang chickens. And have to resecure the coop even better. Fracking dog. I dont blame her. I really dont. Instincts. Im just really bummed out. How we had chickens before and she never once did anything. Yet she threw one up,and there were NO indications that anything scampered under the fence. She was laying on a dead one and had 3 dead ones around her.

Anyway, that was the start of my week. Monday i go to work. Im informed that we are insanely short handed haha. Monday was fine. Tuesday… Im on my own for 8 hours. 8 freaking hours of the ONLY cashier. We did 48K sales store wide. It was non stop slammed the entire day… Today. On my own AGAIN! My boss is like please come back, dont quit. haha. I came in an hr early both days on my own. And managed it. I had 19K in sales on my machine alone today. On top of none of the computers printing for all today and yesterday. We rely on a LOT of printers in the store. We sell firearms and there is a LOT of printing needed. I do print outs any time someone orders something from the barn or yard. And we had no printers. We were slammed non stop people. It was just crazy. The managers backed me up as best they could. But it dosent negate that we are very understaffed. The higher ups gave the managers a to do list, and i laughed, im like todays to do list is keep our head above water. Managers pretty much agreed. New store manager saw me sitting, asked if i was ok, ( i was just tired) came back a few minutes later to tell me the higher ups were outside. So i jumped up. They dont want us to sit.

I LIKE my company, i like my co workers and im being told that a lot of them are wanting to quit. They can get paid better elsewhere, they are like me, working their asses off for 12 bucks an hour. That we are TIRED. some get more abuse then the front end from customers. And i get it. I really do. Its going to make me sad to see them go. But i cant blame them in the least. Its not that i havent considered it myself. They cant afford to loose any of us. And as i prooved the last two days. They really CANT afford to loose me. Thy cant even hire any part timers to help take the edge off. Its not any ONE thing that was shit today. It was just so busy, and computers not working well. People got their stimulus and buying shit.

All in all. Its been a damn week in 3 days. And ill leave you with this. Yesterday i had two men come in. One wearing track pants so tight they may have been leggings. And a teeshirt. The other… A wife beater tank top… and underwear. Boxer brief underwear… This isnt walmart. We sell jeans for 100 bucks a pop haha. We arent a “cheap” store by any stretch…
Underwear.... He was in his 40s too.
Welcome to the fringes of a city.

music & dogs & wine April 09, 2021

Awww the poor baby chickens! Unfortunately dogs will be dogs, but that sucks!!

Wow, those fashion choices sound amazing LOL.

ChainedChrysalis music & dogs & wine ⋅ April 09, 2021

I picked up 10 new chicks today and they are back in my bathroom. Fingers crossed.
And yes 99.9% of people are normal. about 50 % are cowboys haha. This one was WEIRD!

music & dogs & wine ChainedChrysalis ⋅ April 09, 2021

Yay! You told your man what's UP. Chickens in the bathroom, deal with it!

ChainedChrysalis music & dogs & wine ⋅ April 10, 2021

haha yeah. He complained about the flies lol. And then all of a sudden, chickens it is! haha.

Small Town Girl April 15, 2021

Oh no about the chicks!!
Guy in his undies eh?! Wow.

ChainedChrysalis Small Town Girl ⋅ April 17, 2021


Jinn April 17, 2021

Definitely that dog needs to stay away from the chickens. Once they start killing chickens , they do not stop :-(
I do not get why if the store is making so much money , that they can not hire help . Especially since they pay so modestly .

ChainedChrysalis Jinn ⋅ April 17, 2021

People dont want to do hard work for minimum wage. And i dont blame them.

Jinn ChainedChrysalis ⋅ April 18, 2021

I do not either. You know most employers could afford to pay more.

ChainedChrysalis Jinn ⋅ April 18, 2021

Oh i know. We are hiring like mad. But the only people who will stay are people who NEED a job

Jinn ChainedChrysalis ⋅ April 18, 2021


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