A GEORGE MORNING in Postcards 4

  • March 31, 2021, 11:10 a.m.
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Bussy, bizzy, bizy…..Spring hits everyone in the work spot. Almost every boat has someone working on deck, and here at the house we wait for the arrival of the heater repair person. George is not an electrician. I heard him telling some person on the phone that he could do dry wall,
plumbing, basic carpentry, painting, but he’s “not big on electrical work.”

It was in the 40’s this morning when I got up. No sign of warmth from the wall vents, not at all. At eight he called the white glove guys. He hopes they won’t increase the total the way our usual guys do. They will come tomorrow. We added sweatshirts.

I had a nine o’clock phone appointment with the Oncologist. He suggested a cough medicine. It will make you sleepy he said. Sleepy is good especially on nights where I cough all night. I mentioned that I had only two days of chemo left, and moments after we chatted his nurse came on the line. She had given the reup phone number to G who had no memory of this at all.

Much later, after a frantic search, he found it taped in the phone book.


Himself: He’s pleased that meds are arriving tomorrow morning via fed ex.
Myself: Cold. Shivering actually.
Reading: The last “three Pines” mystery ….
Watching: Lost of PBS.
Photo: MINE.
Gratitude’s: That the chaos of the morning smoothed out so well.

Zipster March 31, 2021

What great images-it really does seem like people are out and about, altho most I've seen are still being cautious. I hope the cough syrup does the trick. I had one years ago that I hoarded because it too helped me sleep. I latter discovered it had morphine in it!! hope yours does the trick.

gattaca March 31, 2021

I switched my system over to A/C last weekend (it's a combo unit).
It seems to work, but it's 16 years old now...
Grocery shopping yesterday, and I completely forgot my PIN number.
I had no idea cough syrup was still available with morphine in it.

Marg April 03, 2021

I hope you get the repairs done soon and get warm again - and that the bill isn’t heart attack material!

NorthernSeeker April 03, 2021

Thank goodness for George. There aren't many people in the world who are electricians so it's a good thing when the rest of us don't do electrical work. I'm glad you got your meds...things must have been frantic at your house for awhile.

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