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  • March 16, 2021, 4:54 p.m.
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I had weaned myself off entirely of all my anxiety medications. I have been doing so good. But now after telling my manager some of the things going on, my anxiety is through the roof. I feel like everything is going to get shitty starting tomorrow. Even though manager D dosent work for two more days. I feel like the manager i did talk to will have left a note or something in their group communications between all the managers about it. I mean its not just me having issues. The other part time people are all feeling that. And it dosent matter if you feel like i do or dont deserve the position im in. Im in it, and making my life more stressful isnt going to help me, or you or anyone. The thing is. I know shes not like this with anyone. And i KNOW its not because im new OR that im in the full time position. Another man, C started SAME Day i did, hire date the same. Is full time in his department and she laughs and jokes all the time with him. Shes his fav manager. So i KNOW its not that im in a position i dont deserve or full time right off the bat, Because C is as well. I hope this is followable. In any event. I was crying last night because im having an anxiety attack. I cant sleep and the husband turns it around into a you dont wear lingerie and come on to me argument. I just gave up and cried till i passed out. Life isnt all sunshine and rainbows. I mean i have been doing SO good, I have my down moments but usually when im on my period and im more hormonal. But now im just an anxiety ridden ball of want to cry because i have to go back and i feel like im going to have nothing but headaches because i do feel that shes going to have said something between managers. And its not like im a stoic person. Im pretty emotional.
But when my husband comes into my work and shes sweet and friendly and loving. But if im with him and shes like an ice cube to me. Just basic hello and goodbye. Even HE notices something is off.
Im chatting with one of my part time co workers on fb right now, and told her what was up. Its like. If i have to be the voice for these kids too. Im going to have to buck up, take my anti anxiety and start being the voice. I may cry my way through it. Eventually ill get stronger about it. I hope. No i know i will.... But back on the anxiety meds i go. Because that is how ill get through this confrontation.

Jinn March 18, 2021

Her attitude about part time workers and younger workers is very screwed.

Small Town Girl March 19, 2021

Oh man this resonates with me so much! I am always the voice, the kids are always too afraid to speak up. Be careful. It's not a good role to take on. It's exhausting and frustrating and management wont take any action based on your word alone. The kid's have to step up and speak up too.

ChainedChrysalis Small Town Girl ⋅ March 20, 2021

Yes it is. One girl walked out last night and called me crying and she quit. Shes not coming in tomorrow. So ill be on my own till noon. Which whatever, ill live. But yeah. But when i told the manager she didnt really believe me. Which oh well, I know D isnt coming in. She asked me to tell the manager, i did. I was told its not my job to be a middle man. No its not. But i was just relaying a message. I encouraged her to write a letter of resignation dated for yesterday as her last day. Site reasons like the company dosent honor dr appointments or physical limitations. She got hurt at work and she wasnt able to go to PT or her talk therapy dr appointments. Basically put the blame back on the company. Make copies, one for her, one for unemployment and one for the store. Then drop it off. They said she has to sign termination papers. I said no you can refuse. They cant MAKE you sign them. Just hand in your resignation and refuse to answer questions, refuse to say anything but what is on the paper. And leave.

Small Town Girl ChainedChrysalis ⋅ March 20, 2021

Exactly! Don't sign anything! That just gets used against you if you have to file for unemployment!

ChainedChrysalis Small Town Girl ⋅ March 20, 2021

Thats what i told her! Dont do it. Just hand in the paper and leave. But hand in the paper putting the blame on the company and not her crying and running out.

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