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  • March 9, 2021, 10:55 a.m.
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Well they started out in the bunny barn haha. But at night even with the heat lamp the temp dropped to 65 in there and we lost one. So i moved the chicks to my bathroom. Now they are bathroom dewellers. Im working to get the heat lamp to a good height. Ive got it 90 degrees on them, but they are fanning away a bit, so im thinking its too hot for them still.
I forgot how much i HATE cleaning their water 5 million times a day. Like chickie poos can you please NOT put shavings in your water, NON FREAKING STOP. For real, if you put all the shavings in your water. A the bedding is wet, B it sops up all the water and wastes it, and C you wont have anything to drink or kick around.
And they spend their time pecking the sides of the tote lol. Im in the shower and hear them tap tapping. Its funny. The red light coming around my bathroom door kinda annoys. But its the only room that is safe from the kittens having a chicken nugget dinner. Not that they seem TOO interested. Apollo was sitting at my feet watching the shadows on the tote of the chicks pecking around. Just watching shadows. Athena ( my rottie mix) on the other hand, tried to eat a chicken nugget. Its fine, she got scolded and is in shame at the moment. We tell her shame on her and her family and her cow ( mulan) and she sits in shame outside with her head down. Its funny :) But she knows shame means bad girl. So SHE isnt to be trusted with chicken nuggets.

Oh so some interesting news on the work front. Things havent really been getting better. BUT my store manager is getting promoted. So they are hiring for his position. But they also told the department managers they are shuffling. My direct manager that ive been having issues with is moving to hardware. Which is almost funny because if i was in any department other then where im at. I think hardware would be fun. Its the largest department that covers about 1.3 of the store. But as my store asst manager said. Im not going anywhere, Im too good at what i do. Minus the money. Manager D even bought me a soda last night. I guess she thought shes getting transferred no reason to be bitchy any longer? haha. Who knows. The only hope is whoever our new manager is is going to do ok. The issue is that the store has a really good dynamic and new people, kinda ruin the dynamic.... Everyone is pretty apprehensive about who is going to be the new store manager and will they kill the good dynamic we have… and who the new department managers will be. Fingers crossed it will continue to be the laid back joking fun environment it has been. I guess our store is unique in that. It makes working retail more fun…

I did tell the husband i want to quit. I miss being home with the kids. Doing trips and day plans. Having time and energy to do my hobbies… But i recognize i cant always be selfish and do what i want… and as husband whined back at me. But that discount… We spend half of each of my paycheck there.... It does get old haha. There is still a lot i want to get. Im just going to have to continue to tough it out i guess… Physically its hard. I hurt so bad at the end of the night, the exhaustion, its a lot. T keeps saying ill get used to it. But here i am 4 months later and not used to it lol. Although i can stay up a bit after my shifts and for the first week i was passing out pretty fast after them haha. Maybe he likes me being gone? I dont like it. I miss a lot of about the life before. If i could work 5 hours a day it would be perfect. Just 5 hours 5 days a week haha. Then i could still get things done.

Im working on spinning some amazing red mohair. The goat is a bit older, i think she said 7? So its not the softest of wools. And its not as curly as a lot of younger mohair. It gets straighter and a bit more coarse as they get older. But the sheen is lovely and that is the natural red! Isnt it lovely. <3
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Anyway its my day off and ive got to pack the kids up and go to another farm for a contract spin connection. Get to visit farm animals and pick up some wool for spinning. Because you know, 17 lbs of mohair as a contract spin isnt enough. Lets throw in some alpaca too....

Small Town Girl March 09, 2021

Why couldn't you compromise and do 5 hours shifts?

ChainedChrysalis Small Town Girl ⋅ March 10, 2021

they wont schedule it without a drs note with a start and stop time frame. That would be optimal for me... But they wont do it.

Small Town Girl ChainedChrysalis ⋅ March 10, 2021

That is so weird! We have to accommodate schedules. Staff turns in an availability sheet and we schedule around that. Perhaps because we employ a lot of high school kids that need to juggle school and sports? But even so. Even full time staff is able to change their availability if need be. The only way we wouldn't accommodate is if we had a staffing hole that needed to be filled, which we would do by either hiring a new employee, or overlapping shifts with others who are available.

But you should easily be able to get a doctors not for them to accommodate that! I would if I were you. After four months? If your body still isn't used to it? It's not going to be. You're doing too much for your body. I know because I do the same! I push my body way too hard and thus live with chronic pain and fatigue.

ChainedChrysalis Small Town Girl ⋅ March 10, 2021

The only ones they ask about availability is the kids in college. Seeing im an adult im expected to schedule my life on my days off and work 4 opening shifts. 2 days off, then 4 closing shifts. Which frankly IS great. But after 8 hours im dying.

Jinn March 14, 2021

Is your husband working too ? It seems like he should be , if he isn’t . At least part time.

ChainedChrysalis Jinn ⋅ March 14, 2021

Oh gosh yes, He is working lol. He makes triple what i do an hr. We just... have a zoo... Today a turtle and fish showed up.

Jinn ChainedChrysalis ⋅ March 15, 2021

I have been contemplating getting a tortoise. :-) or a bearded dragon. F. Would kill me !

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