JETPACK! in Whey and Sonic Screwdrivers.

  • Feb. 22, 2021, 2:36 p.m.
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It’s something Alice does sometimes. I’ll be walking around my flat, she’ll jump on my back, wrap her arms and legs around me, and exclaim JETPACK! Like a spontaneous piggyback ride.

Sometimes I internally roll my eyes. Sometimes I literally roll my eyes. And sometimes I smile and audibly laugh.

She only does this in private. Someone randomly laughing in public is generally shunned. Oh, if I’m in a safe space, I may randomly burst out laughing, and then have to take three minutes to explain my train of thought that led me to something humorous. And you know explaining a joke makes it lose a bit of meaning.

Definition, for anyone who needs it. Jetpack typically refers to a girl being a boy’s big spoon. This is because girls are stereotypically of smaller stature than boys.

Though, I don’t think stature/size is an absolute delimiter. Most of my partners have been girls who weigh more than me.

I’m enjoy being the big spoon. I’m enjoy facing towards a partner. And I certainly enjoy having a jetpack whisk me away to sleep.

Even if you have a male partner who never openly expresses enjoyment from having a jetpack, well. Us boys enjoy it in our own way. I promise. Jetpack your partner tonight.

(And if you happen to be in a same-sex/gender relationship, JETPACK, TOO. EVERYONE CAN JETPACK! YOU GET A JETPACK AND YOU GET A JETPACK AND…)

alt text

alt text

Wait, no no no, that’s not how you jetpack!

alt text

Okay, okay, there’s a time and a place, but Worf deserves jetpacking, too.

alt text

And I’m not shaming a nice good front hug/cuddle. Those are nice, aren’t they?

Documenting this so I will remember next November. I may name my next novel simply “Alice”. I’ve mentioned that my next novel will be every novel I have ever written, all in one. Lisa, the little sister I never had. Tina, the rebellious girl next door. Dan, before he became Big and Gay. Throw all these characters and more into a stew and see what happens. Redo a LOT of sequences again. It will have Timmy as Timmy. Airk as Airk. Complete with him always wearing a heavy chainmail and carrying around a ridiculously long sword.

And it will have Alice as Alice.

Have wondered about a concept… if her having some kind of precognition. Feeling as if she has lived this before. And as she gets closer and closer to her emergence in real-life timeline, she wonders “am I real?” Eh, may not go that head-heavy.

I’m not pulling anything up, but it has been argued that fictional characters are real. Is Harry Potter real? Stew on that in your grey matter.

Oh, and if you need a reminder of Airk from Willow.

alt text

Okay, maybe a touch blonde, but shhhh. In my head-writing, I have noticed that Airk, Tina, and Alice all have red hair.

I have a theory of why this may be the case. Forget if I’ve written this out.

See there was this girl I went to high school with. Her name is Tina. Yeah. I forget if I had a psuedo-crush on her. She was always nice and kind to me. Petite stature, disarming smile. Oh, and she’s nothing like fictional Tina in terms of personality. See. Real-life Tina had long hair down to her lower back. She mentioned occasionally that she would IRON HER HAIR.

Ironing your hair? You don’t forget a detail like that. Thinking just now, ironing your hair is METAL.

Wait. Did she actually dye her hair red?

Eh, it doesn’t matter.

You know I was a lonely boy who almost never initiated. Meant a lot to me on the few occasions she would hug me. Raised my mood a lot, and I’m sure I scribed it in my carbon journal when I got home. Feeling all “I GOT A HUG!”

Hey, remember the time I dyed my hair red? Oh, I prefer having long hair, but I like going against myself to try to “break my own rules”.

alt text

Anyway. If you have a partner or a loved one ENGAGE OPERATION JETPACK.

alt text

Embrace_The_World_In_Gray February 22, 2021

hey i learned something <3

Timmy™ Embrace_The_World_In_Gray ⋅ February 22, 2021

What did you learn?

Embrace_The_World_In_Gray Timmy™ ⋅ February 22, 2021

The term jetpack

Timmy™ Embrace_The_World_In_Gray ⋅ February 23, 2021


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