Do you choose Oneness or Separation / Two Forms of Justice and Oneness in Poetry

  • Jan. 24, 2021, 12:37 a.m.
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When winning means the imposition of control and retribution, as punitive justice seeks to do, it ignores what has been lost.

Judgment is nearly always the projection of a negative assessment upon another person or thing, along with the belief that it is real. The unavoidable consequence of judgment is separation from that which we judge.

Judgment reflects our attachment to how we think things should be and our lack of peace with how they are. We resort to judgment, projecting good and evil as a distorted guide in choosing between the opposites we imagine exist. As judgment proliferates, separation from one another is magnified and human relations deteriorate.

To discern is to recognize differences and distinctions–to see clearly without projection. Oneness consciousness is not a state in which everything is relative and anything goes. It is important to discern the path that will lead to our well-being and to peace, and to understand why.

Those who impose control may attempt to disguise their intentions by using terms associated with Oneness, but control exists only in duality. Discord, disunity, and disharmony are the inevitable outcomes.

That is Democrat’s plan

Punish, punish, punish

Destroy, destroy, destroy

To see others as evil is to fear them. Fear is a mental structure that relies on judgment.

We believe that we are slaves to our environment, having no control over what happens in our world. In this slave mentality, we are driven from one place to another with no understanding of the purpose being served–enemies appear everywhere.

Consumed with fear, we place our faith in dogmas that condemn our enemies and affirm our innocence, even though such teachings are inconsistent. We grasp for one dogma or another that explains our fearful state and permits us to cling to our grievances.

Freedom is defined as recognizing that we are the creators of the life we experience.

A common mistake is to think that good and evil are like night and day, but they are judgments; one person’s judgment about who or what is evil may be widely disputed by others. Good versus evil is an example of duality, not polarity.

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The traditional model often achieves only first-order change, limited to simple compliance to appease the hierarchy or be accepted into the group. It typically addresses only the symptoms, not the solution.

Welcome to your life is gonna suck economically 2021

JB has no power.

Two Forms of Justice and Oneness [Video]

TommyGnosis January 25, 2021

They want conformity, not unity. I can only hope that Biden will wake the last of them up. There is a spiritual deficit on that side for sure.

Raphael Tiriel TommyGnosis ⋅ January 25, 2021

I don't think that this is the end of this yet. Things are strange, very strange. I would say that they are stranger than I would have imagined. Some states are decertifying their election. The executive orders and declassification that Trump did before leaving office do not make sense unless something else is going on. Things are weird in Western Canada too. Something great might happen soon, possibly March. I may not know either.

TommyGnosis Raphael Tiriel ⋅ January 26, 2021

I'm trying to be cautious about my optimism. What I see is the democrats trying to legitimize Biden from a studio, the way they legitimized him with a made-up office of the president-elect. The white house does look closed, the inauguration was pre-recorded and the military presence does fit the theory that they are seizing a foreign asset. It also fits the theory that they are flexing the military presence the way the CCP does. So I don't know. The president of China told everybody to double down on growing the UN. The World Economic forum just said a similar thing and our leaders meet up next week at the great reset summit to discuss it. I'm nervous.

Raphael Tiriel TommyGnosis ⋅ January 26, 2021

Research Gesara/Nesara

This may be an illusion until the New Republic is established fully. Let me know if you need more information.

Either something great or bad is going to happen. If not there is another window and that will be around 2023 and 2024. The Age of Aquarius is waking people up.

TommyGnosis Raphael Tiriel ⋅ January 27, 2021

I do know a bit about Gesara and Nesara, I am praying for it! We are at a tipping point. People are waking up but we don't have any nerve. I t think Biden is going to trigger a second awakening, liars create truth seekers. I need to get around to learning astrology. I'm diving into astrotheology from Santos Bonacci currently. He's teaching the heritage that was stolen from us.

Raphael Tiriel TommyGnosis ⋅ January 27, 2021

I know this might be long but please check this out

She explains that we are entering the Age of Aquarius. She also confirms what I know about the changes coming. If Biden stays in the White House for four years then our country will be destroyed. We rebound but I do not want to see that happen.

TommyGnosis Raphael Tiriel ⋅ January 29, 2021

You weren't kidding that it was long. I do like what she had to say. It's in alignment with what a lot of people are saying who read the stars. That's a skill I want to learn. There is a Clif High on YT I was just introduced to. I don't know what he uses but he's pretty accurate with predicting events.

Raphael Tiriel TommyGnosis ⋅ January 29, 2021

Have you ever studied Hermetics?

TommyGnosis Raphael Tiriel ⋅ January 30, 2021

Negative! I want to! I'm fresh out of the matrix

Raphael Tiriel TommyGnosis ⋅ January 30, 2021

You should because it will help the picture become clear

7 laws of Hermetica


Hermes Trismegistus

All are One

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