Not in a good place in Torridaussity Two

  • Nov. 29, 2020, 10:38 a.m.
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I’m struggling pretty hard right now. Partly because I’m stressed with work changes,, financial stress,, and health issues and because of my dating life. I’ve still been seeing Dan the lawyer, but it’s always on his terms and I at first was okay with it because some affection and attention is better than none right? Right until like always I catch feels and want more than the crumbs I’m offered. So do I end things and be completely alone or keep going so at least admidst all the negative crap going on when we are together he makes me smile. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

still, i rise. November 29, 2020

You could always see Dan while searching for someone else. If he’s only giving crumbs , make sure you’re not giving more than crumbs too

Small Town Girl still, i rise. ⋅ November 29, 2020

Was going to say just this myself. Don't lock yourself onto one guy. Chances are he is seeing other women too. But I totally understand the better than nothing and having someone vs Noone.

Always Laughing Small Town Girl ⋅ November 29, 2020

I'm still looking around. He actually has said he's not on any sites any more. But more so cause he was tired of trying...not because I'm so great :-(

Small Town Girl Always Laughing ⋅ November 29, 2020

I just joined Hinge 2 days ago. We will see. There is a lot more kidless and conservative men on there, which is a plus. But many of them are super into sports, active outdoor enthusiasts, and crazy dog lovers. I feel like I am never going to find the right guy. I feel its pretty hopeless.

Always Laughing Small Town Girl ⋅ November 29, 2020

I completely understand

Small Town Girl Always Laughing ⋅ November 29, 2020

I think I have been single too long, and am so used to doing my own thing. The thing with Hinge is that it gives you prompts to choose from to spark conversion. Many of the guys use the same prompts. Many spend their Sundays at brunch then football. Brunch?! Is that a thing?! Isnt that for ladies and gays?! I ain't trying to get up early on a Sunday to get dressed up for breakfast food! Many guys say their dog is their bff and will be joining us on most dates.....lmao what? No thanks!

Always Laughing Small Town Girl ⋅ November 29, 2020

Lol i laugh at the ones who don't know how to actually answer the prompts.

Evelyn Small Town Girl ⋅ November 29, 2020

Hmm... Hinge.. I'll keep that in mind when some time has gone by because I just ended my relationship and comservative outdoor enthusiasts sound great and I'm a crazy dog lover. The guys on there sounds like they'd be perfect for me.

Always Laughing Evelyn ⋅ November 29, 2020

Yes they would be :-)

Small Town Girl Evelyn ⋅ November 29, 2020

Give it a try when the time is right! Lots more attractive guys on there too than other sites! Or maybe I have desperate glasses on?! Haha jk!

Evelyn Small Town Girl ⋅ November 30, 2020

I'll might give it a try.
I really wanna try to do it more traditional this time. Just meeting someone at work or somewhere and getting asked out or asking someone out. I'm not fully comfortable putting myself out on the internet anymore.

Small Town Girl Evelyn ⋅ November 30, 2020

Well, that is the approach I've taken for a long time. Sadly men don't usually present themselves in my sphere, so online it is. And that sucks!

Always Laughing still, i rise. ⋅ November 29, 2020

I am still looking. Just with no luck. I think casual dating is just hard for me. I dont give more than crumbs back so there is that.

Confessions_of_a_love_addict November 29, 2020

Honestly, you're worth more than crumbs. But I understand not wanting to be alone. I agree with the other noters, make sure you're giving crumbs back and don't lock yourself in.

Always Laughing Confessions_of_a_love_addict ⋅ November 29, 2020

Oh he's definitely only getting crumbs I do stand firm on that.

Confessions_of_a_love_addict Always Laughing ⋅ November 29, 2020

Oh good <3 Just be careful with your heart. The pain is not worth it.

Always Laughing Confessions_of_a_love_addict ⋅ November 29, 2020

I agree

Darkest Days, Brightest Nights November 30, 2020 (edited November 30, 2020)


And yes, at times I got so frustrated that I thought about backing off things and even walking away altogether... but I couldn’t and I couldn’t explain why. Now I’m glad I waited it out and I’m excited to finally meet him.

Always Laughing November 30, 2020


Symmetry November 30, 2020

I really dislike that he went off the sites but more because it was a pain to extend himself rather than because he was fully interested in pursuing things with you. It would be one thing if you didn't want much of a commitment and were too busy for a full on relationship, but this guy is basically saying, "I guess I'll just make do with you.." to you. Is that all you feel you are worth?

I'm just curious but how often do you pray about this? Do you ask God for a good, honest man that loves you for you and wants to be a part of your life fully and completely? One that makes you smile and laugh but also cares about your hurts and pains. How often do you set it free for him to help get you there? I feel like this guy isn't worth your time.

Always Laughing Symmetry ⋅ November 30, 2020

I pray everyday about it. I also pray that when I'm not strong enough to tell a guy to take a hike that he removes them from my life and he has all of them. Dan knows I'm still on the sites so he knows he doesn't have me in the bag so to speak. But at times yes my self worth is that low...

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