Deadly Weekend in Current Events

  • Nov. 11, 2020, 10:51 a.m.
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There is a disturbing situation in my city with care homes. Some homes are so deeply understaffed that residents are dying as a result. We just had what is being called a deadly weekend because eight deaths happened in one care home and others were rushed to a hospital for various treatments. 22 deaths happened since the outbreak from not getting proper care. My mayor is calling the provincial government to send the military to help. I think it’s 5 nurses trying to balance over 150 residents? I can’t remember. I’m not sure why it is that way. I’m sure there is a multitude of reasons but I think a big one is that a lot of people are afraid to work in healthcare right now. I’m not afraid of COVID but I live with people who are. There are so many job postings for diet aids and things like that and I feel bad that I have written those opportunities off. After this deadly weekend, I feel compelled to help. I am going to apply for those today. I’ll see if my roommates are comfortable with it. They’re smokers, so they’re afraid of COVID and I’m not that intimidated. I can’t handle the thought of those seniors being alone and not being properly taken care of after paying their dues to society. Loved ones are not allowed to visit, you know how it is.

There is not a whole lot going on in my life right now. I was feeling a little shellshocked last week because of how close I was to facing complete homelessness. I’m grateful to be allowed to stay here even if it is just on a couch. I have no space of my own so it can get a little menacing for me but I remind myself to be grateful and to act grateful. There are a lot of blessings here. I’m trying not to feel angst as everybody keeps telling me how to live my life. They’re only trying to help. It just feels like I’m always being nitpicked and treated like a child.

This is going to be a major TMI right here. I am sore, I unlocked one or two new NEMOs (Neverending multiple orgasms) and I let myself have them for about an hour. I was wondering if I broke my body because my legs and arms were completely wobbly after. I couldn’t turn it off, I was having it by just breathing. Just wrecked. I don’t think I’ve maxed out yet, I’m aiming for the elusive full-body one. These news ones I had were the most intense ones yet… What an interesting thing to add to an entry that has been absolutely depressing lol.

gattaca November 11, 2020

I've never experienced a NEMO, or multiples for that matter.
In fact, I have always had difficulty (read: at it for an hour) reaching a conventional run-of-the-mill orgasm.

Mr. Mofo November 11, 2020

Solid move applying like that. Hospitals in Central Ohio(Pronounced Ohia) are really starting to feel this.

I need to google this NEMO stuff.

Take care.

Small Town Girl November 12, 2020

NEMO?! Never heard of it! Can I ask how one achieves a never ending orgasm?

TommyGnosis Small Town Girl ⋅ November 12, 2020

I'm too shy to explain BUT there are people who talk about it everywhere lol

Small Town Girl TommyGnosis ⋅ November 12, 2020

I will Google.

TommyGnosis Small Town Girl ⋅ November 12, 2020

Yeah, I don't know how it works for women lol

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