Updates in Book Seven: Reconstruction 2020

  • Oct. 21, 2020, 3:24 p.m.
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HA! Me writing for the first time today at 2:00 p.m. We must be busy!

Today started with what I would call an interesting issue.
Depositions in a Domestic. Most of the notes are familiar.
Defendant is a tall, thing, unwashed man under 25 that looks like the stereotype of a Criminal Redneck Central Casting would have used for a Domestic Assault episode of COPS.
Victim is a young, tiny girl… even though she’s an adult and the mother of both of the Defendant’s kids, she looks like she’s twelve with multi-pastel-covered hair and braces on her top teeth.
This is not their first time with a Domestic Violence issue as Defendant drinks, becomes irrationally violent, and then all things animate and inanimate must suffer his rage.
And she does so happily because “he’s a tall man and she loves him.”

But here’s where it gets strange.
The domestic? Our arresting officer is the witness. He claims he saw Defendant push Victim.
But our victim says she pushed the Defendant because he had just punched through the glass window on the door.
Therefore, ultimately, if this went to trial?? I would call the officer to testify about what he saw. Defense would call the victim to testify about what happened. And the jury would have to decide among itself which story sounded more true… which witness should be believed.

Then the morning was filled with prep. Prep for tomorrow, prep for next week, prep for next month. Just… very busy. RIGHT NOW… IF WE CAN AVOID additional court closures and/or we don’t see a surprise crime spree… we MIGHT even be out of the woods with our backlog by March! So that’s good news.

As to stirring the pot… I’ve noticed a few different things.
(1) I have not been blocked from the page, but it no longer appears as frequently in my news feed
(2) It appears that the post I commented on has been taken down… so I’m kind of happy about that. Even if you think, as some on that page do, that all Police Officers are Murdering Bastards… one of them quitting because of the stress isn’t something to mock. It is a job where you may honestly be killed every time you work. Not to mention… if people are quitting because of mental stress… isn’t that something to SUPPORT since we don’t want mentally unwell people to be cops?
(3) I have not been contacted by the page’s Admin

As to Nala....................
My brother’s 40th Birthday is on Friday. He does not wish to celebrate it in any fashion and due to his COVID restrictions, it isn’t something we can force him to celebrate. So instead, I’ll drive down to his place on Friday… chuck his gift at him… then drive to my parents. So I at least won’t be home solo on Friday and can get some time with people… and more importantly so Nala can get some more time with people and other dogs! As to her energy and pulling on walks? By BEING IN an actual town, I’ll be able to run errands. SOME of those errands?
Going to Wal Mart to look into figuring out some way to get more light in the backyard so we can play outside in the colder months when it is pitch black at 5 p.m.
Going to Petsmart to look into No Pull Harnesses and maybe some better toys for her energy level.

As to Nancy…
I am hoping against hope, fingers crossed and eyes shut tight in prayer.....
I told Nancy that I would be in Des Moines on Saturday. That the absence of Nala and I would make it a perfect day to remove the large furniture pieces as she and her man could avoid any awkwardness with my being there and could keep doors open to facilitate moving since Nala wouldn’t be there. While I, of course, am not entirely thrilled about the prospect of Nancy and her Man traipsing about the house when I’m not present… anything to facilitate getting her shit out and doing so before I am required to get involved.
That being said? This could be a very dramatic return home on Saturday night. And in a way that seems funny to me. You see, if someone entered their home and discovered large pieces of furniture were gone, they’d freak out and become upset. But I will be the reverse. If I enter my home and discover large pieces of furniture are still present, I will freak out and become upset.

As to Victoria…
She arrived where she needed to be last night. I learned something interesting… she almost strictly does Bed and Breakfasts. That is an interesting quirk that I find… fascinating. I don’t know why I’ve never thought about accommodations before but it is worth considering. I always think “Find a cheap motel or a La Quinta or something.” I never consider Bed and Breakfasts for… almost anything. But that’s her go-to “out of town” move. So huh. When she arrived, she’d realized in her haste that she had left her toiletries bag back in Iowa… which sucks but is totally understandable! Hell, in the same position I can imagine I would forget WAY more than that trying to hurry to get to my mom. The bigger problem is… she can’t visit her at the hospital. Which I suppose… of course. But she does get a zoom call with her. I don’t know her family dynamic and I won’t presume to. But based off of my own family dynamic… I’m glad she’s there even if it is all going to be done via Zoom. When a family member is experiencing something life threatening… the family should be together.

As to the chores that DIDN’T get done last night (instead I soaked in the tub which made ALL the difference!)… I’m kind of going back on a positive step from therapy. Tonight I absolutely WILL stay up and keep working on chores until the house is clean enough for me to feel comfortable if Nancy’s man does show up. Yes, I don’t owe him manners nor am I trying to impress him but… if a stranger is going to be in my home, I want my home to look put together. Besides, I’m not hosting any dinners this week so it make it a perfect opportunity to catch up and perhaps surpass my typical state of cleaning. Though, I’ll simply accept “Good Enough” because that’s healthy.

As to Dating Apps… I updated them all with a recent picture. Not sure if that’ll do anything or not. So far, just to get in the practice, I’ve started swiping on folks listing “English is not my first language. I would like practice please. Thank you.” So at least I’m getting some conversations going. I’m surprised with myself though. One of those individuals is a Trans Woman from Asia. And I won’t deny that I find her very attractive. I always said if I was going to date a trans woman, it would likely be a katoey. Though, in light of Thailand’s new semi-broader acceptance of things, I suppose it would be more appropriate to say phuying. Not that I expect ANYTHING to happen of course. I’m just seeing if I can get conversations going, get some practice in, and these people are just looking to practice their English. Even still… it isn’t great. They’re shy about their English and I absolutely can’t stand being the one that always has to do the “Here’s a question.” (Answer). “Oh. Here’s a conversation jumping off point.” (Closed Response not leading to conversation). It’s like… I’m not new to Conversation by Text but either (1) use your English if you’re looking for practice; or (2) Engage in a conversation if you’re looking for more. Though, I suppose if my life during COVID can be summarized as anything it would be “accepting half measures if whole measures aren’t possible.”

Everyone enjoy your Wednesday Night! If it can be hump day for you, enjoy. If not, I hope you find something fun!

stargazing October 21, 2020

I've stayed in a b&b twice. Both times it was to be near the family we were there for, in a tiny town that didn't have a nearby motel. We also thought the first time it was a good idea so we'd have breakfast available to us, since it was a small town and we didn't want his grandma to have to feed us. Well, we get there, and she tells us that she's going out of town and won't have anyone to make us breakfast. Grr. The second place, it was just the 2 of us, so no awkward sitting around a table chatting w/ ppl you don't know.

hippiechica15 October 22, 2020

That's a fun "quirk" of Victoria's. I can see that she would like a B&B for various reasons. I've never actually stayed in one but maybe next time we take a trip....I'll like it more than Tim if the other guests are too chatty LOL

I hope hope HOPE she gets all her things this weekend.

Always Laughing October 23, 2020

I like staying in hostels lol. Hopefully Nancy gets her stuff out and you have a good weekend.

Deleted user October 24, 2020

You know how I feel about all of this! Support!

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