The remainder in Book Seven: Reconstruction 2020

  • Oct. 20, 2020, 6:15 p.m.
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So I Nala destroyed more of the couch. :(
And then when I got home from a 4 hour drive for new eyes (apparently, my prescription changed enough for it to be significantly noticeable to me.) I walk in to find Nala surrounded by straw and fabric. As I investigate the shredded remains spread across the living room, I come to the conclusion that it must have been a straw hat of some kind. I investigate because… I only know of 1 straw hat in the house and… yup.
Apparently, Nancy had been here. Because the room she’s using to store stuff until she gets the moving van was open. Which is where the hat came from. Grumble.

But it is also indicative of a problem that I am very aware of, but not sure how to remedy. Iowa had its first snow already. Temperatures are getting freezing. The only not too cold day in the forecast also has “rain and high winds” scheduled. All of those things make me think… I can’t just have Nala outside the whole day. And I can’t keep her locked in her kennel for 8 to 9 hours a day either. So… she stays indoors. But if she’s going to keep attacking the couch?? I don’t know. She’d had a really good stretch of days there for a while. Earning her Good Girl Treat, being a good girl. But this time of year adds more concern. Because this is a time of year where it gets cold-colder-cold-warm-colder for a while. Which is already wreaking havoc on my body. After my car ride, I was trying to prepare something in the dinning room and my pain level was to the point where I was shaking because I couldn’t keep myself upright anymore. So… Nala wants a walk but doesn’t want to go outside. I can’t give her a good walk especially because as soon as she’s on a leash in the fall? She’s trying to sprint the whole time no matter the pressure on the collar and leash. This is definitely the time of year that I wish I knew energetic 12 and 13 year olds that could play/walk her for me. But even stretching into my Director’s family- that just isn’t possible.

Funny… as I’m writing this I can actually feel the tearing needle-like pain as it radiates in my left thigh.

As to Victoria? She’s on her way out of state tonight. I’m hoping that her mom is going to be okay. I’m hoping this is just a scare that shakes up that family. Because Victoria doesn’t get along well with her mom or sister. Because they consider her “whorish lifestyle an insult to the concept of marriage.” Which… I mean… from a Conservative Christian perspective, I suppose I can understand that viewpoint… but it’s family. You can disagree with someone and not bring it up and use it to insult her and constantly divide the relationship; y’know? It sounds silly in illness but that’s my hope… that it brings healing. The kids are going to stay with Remus’ parents and spend some extra time at Essen’s house after school each day. I’m more or less “off the hook” which… considering how bad I am with Nala right now, is probably for the best.

All my plans for tonight though are going to have to take a chill pill. I can’t clean the kitchen or dining room or car like this. And since this is both brought about and made worse by being tired… I’ll likely just spend the next 4 hours hovering between sleep and awake in a near zombie like state. Sounds good.

Always Laughing October 20, 2020

Hope you feel better soon. If Nala has been good the only change that you've mentioned is Nancy was there so I'm making an educated guess that Nala was disturbed emotionally over Nancy being there. Whether she was mad or sad or frustrated depending on her interactions with Nancy, it's prb what triggered her behavior.

Starhawk Always Laughing ⋅ October 20, 2020

100% this. I still say it's well past time to change the locks.

stargazing Always Laughing ⋅ October 20, 2020

totally this. I'm sorry you are in pain. I hope it subsides soon.

AppleGirl October 20, 2020

Any thought about getting a treadmill and training the dog to use it??

Park Row Fallout AppleGirl ⋅ October 20, 2020

Y'know I've heard about this! It would certainly be interesting though I've no idea how I'd go about it!

-d October 21, 2020

Also....if she pulls a lot on the leash, you can get a no pull harness that will prevent her from pulling without choking her or causing her pain.

DimMeOut October 21, 2020

Awww... hope you find a good solution for Nala's behavior soon.

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