Agent Orange in Daydreaming on the Porch

  • Oct. 16, 2020, 2:49 p.m.
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Agent Orange has now spread a toxic cloud that has seeped into every crevice of the country. His followers have been gassed up close. The rats will soon be jumping overboard. Stephen Miller and Bill Barr, Ivanka and Jared, Rudy and Lindsey and Capt. McConnell will be the last on the sinking ship after the S.S. Agent Orange runs aground in hostile territory. I understand the natives there are headhunters.

ConnieK October 16, 2020

It's been a long four years.

Oswego ConnieK ⋅ October 16, 2020

Agonizingly long!

Newzlady October 17, 2020

But we’ve learned we shouldn’t be overly optimistic over poll data. Nov poll data will tell the tale and I’m nervous.

Oswego Newzlady ⋅ October 17, 2020

This is very true, but it’s either prepare for Biden or prepare for the apocalypse!

Marg October 18, 2020

Oh I really hope the wind changes in November - it’s going to take so long to get some semblance of order back into the fray but we certainly don’t want another 4 years with that idiot at the helm!

Oswego Marg ⋅ October 19, 2020


Jinn October 22, 2020

And it’s not just him that needs to go . Our government is full on corrupt in both parties. Those professional political parasites in Congress need to go too and we desperately need term limits. Also the same kind of screening they do for the Supreme Court Should be done for people who want to run for Congress. Then we might have a decent government .

Oswego Jinn ⋅ October 24, 2020

The law for two-year terms in the House is absurd. As soon as they get elected they have to worry about a challenger and raising campaign cash. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Jinn Oswego ⋅ October 24, 2020

Right . They should serve four to eight years and that should be a limit. I blame Obama for their corruption too ; Citizens United should never have been passed.

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