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  • Aug. 30, 2020, 3:54 p.m.
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A porch on a house in the neighborhood where the occupant doesn’t get out much taken this morning.

Here is what I just sent to my Senator and Congressman in Washington.

Thank you and your staff for all you do for us here in your district.

I am deeply concerned that the President of the United States is inciting Civil War in our district, in our state and in our country so that he can get re-elected.

When I was younger there were anti-demonstration protestors (sometimes they were even armed but with rifles and shotguns, not assault style rifles). I know that the problems that led to the shooting death of a man in Downtown Portland last night are deep and seemingly intractable and also that no one, no one deserves to die for their right to express their views on either side.

My views are that we need an assault type weapons ban, a coherent plan to address the pandemic and get people safely back to work, Medicare for all, and a $15 minimum wage bottom, and a realignment of police resources to deal compassionately with drug addiction, mental health issues, and domestic violence. Forgiving student loans wouldn’t hurt either. :)

What we do not need are Federal Troops, the National Guard and an enhanced police presence on our streets! We all know that on both sides these are relatively small groups of people causing the disturbances and that the majority of protestors are peaceful and have profoundly legitimate concerns.

Seeing the shooting on top of the fold in the New York Times this morning means I and everyone I know will have to explain now to those we know not from here that really it is not that bad here.

But things feel really really bad in terms of the free expression of Democracy across our country.

I appreciate being able to express my concerns here.

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Zipster August 30, 2020

YES. I agree.

Zipster August 30, 2020

Really, I fear he'll declare a state of emergency and crown himself dictator.

noko Zipster ⋅ August 30, 2020

That's why I wrote to Congress and the Senate. I have been wondering all day what it was like to live in a country like Lebanon or Syria just before their civil wars broke out... I find some comfort in knowing that there are a majority of kind, good hearted people in this country and maybe we can figure out how to do something about this insanity.

justBob August 31, 2020

Yes, thank you for sharing a totally reasonable view on the entire situation.

Marg August 31, 2020

Very succinctly put!

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