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  • June 22, 2020, 10:35 a.m.
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I’m on the Gold Coast for a couple of days. Why not, I figure. I actually umm’ed and Ahh’d over it for quite some time, but decided I’d go ahead with it because a) I only live once (YOLO!) and b) work has asked me to take leave again this Thursday, effectively giving me a three-day week, so I’m taking advantage of it.

I’m in Surfer’s Paradise, but not at my favourite hotel. I hadn’t actually decided where I was staying until I was on the train, and right as I was hitting ‘Submit’ on the payment page of my usual hotel I like, there was an error with the transaction and I refreshed the page to see that both single room types had sold out! That’s what I get for snoozing on the decision earlier. So anyway, I’m trying somewhere new and fell for a 50% off sales tactic, but it’s still about $100 cheaper than my fav place. It’s in North Surfer’s so it’s not among all the crazies but it’s right near the G-Link so that’s handy. I got here around 5pm so in time for a lovely sunrise, but only brought my phone with so I can’t share piccies. I’m staying here though for anyone who’s interested in stock-photos.

I actually can’t wait to check out the rooftop tomorrow. I also chose this place because it was one of the few that still had decent reception hours due to the pandemic. There is a cordoned-off area in front of the front desk and I just had to use a different pen to sign the forms, and then the guy grabbed the pen from me anyway 😅 Umm that’s cool you didn’t let me use your own, but you still touched mine, buddy.

I feel bad for my sister-state Victoria having new clusters of cases, currently upwards of 15 per day, but it could happen anywhere really, especially with all the protest rallys that have been happening. Now we’ve got the NSW Premier warning against travel to Melbourne but still throwing a hissy-hit over my state’s Premier having our border closed. As far as I know, we’re still reopening it on June 11th, but Western Australia has decided to keep theirs closed for longer now. My state will soon allow 10,000 people into stadiums. WA will allow 30,000. I just hope it all works out and that Victoria can get back on track.

I almost didn’t come here because of such volatile times at the moment. I wondered how many people are quarantined in the hotel I’m staying at and who I have to share lifts with. The train and team here seemed a little busier. People are becoming complacent I feel.
But I decided I can’t live life being scared of everything, and when am I gonna get 4 days off again? I totally need a break from how busy my work’s been since all this started anyway, and I’m still close to home and supporting my local economy. So there’s that. I’m not entirely sure what I’m gonna do here. The facilities seem to be open, just with signs everywhere, naturally. So that’s good. It’s meant to be around 20 degree max’s, so that’s nice enough to go for a walk. In typical Matt-style, I forgot to pack my sunnies, umbrella AND a jacket, so you know, I’m still failing as an adult.
Anyway, I’m having three nights away cos I deserve to.

DE_mkately June 22, 2020

You should be okay sharing lifts and having short run ins, according to the study i read from china on a building and how things spread. Almost no one or no one got it on the other floors despite interacting on elevators and having run ins in the halls. Wear a mask just in case though, they may have been wearing masks in that study im not sure!!

Enjoy! Im so itchy to go somewhere. I had 4 disney trips scheduled for the year amd all cancelled. Theyre about to open up disney but now florida is literally exploding with cases, upwards of 3k per day. Insane!! Its always interesting to hear whats going on with you and my friend in canada because the us isnt taking things seriously at all in comparison.

TommyGnosis June 22, 2020

That a girl! Let it all hang out you deserve it. What’s a sunnie?

KissOfLife! TommyGnosis ⋅ June 23, 2020


TommyGnosis KissOfLife! ⋅ June 23, 2020

omg i'm too canadian

Swanny June 22, 2020

Oooh you're making me miss the Sunshine coast so much. Enjoy!!!

Yeah, WA is going crazy. Such strict rules for anyone coming in. Mandatory testing and isolation. They're determined to get things up and running though. Great to see QLD getting back on its feet too :)

crunchie June 26, 2020

Gosh all those tourism and hotel businesses on the Gold Coast would be really struggling with the lack of tourists. We are meant to go to noosa very end of September. I really can’t see it happening for us Victorian’s. My local Maccas had a staff case today as well as my friends sons childcare centre 🤦🏼‍♀️

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