I'm pushy and I talk to much, 1/2 true in Second 1st

  • June 20, 2020, 4:10 p.m.
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Lunch With Sammy Thursday went fine. We’d gone to a new Poki bowl place. I didn’t know this but it’s like a stir fry served with cold stuff. It was good and we will probably go again before our regular Chinese place opens back up.

Ate out with Shelby today. I’ll admit I did most of the talking.... I”m a talker. I did get enough info to figure out the standings of her and T though. They’d been together 5 years. They had a Dom/Sub type of relationship BUT He was far more controlling than she’d wanted. She pointed a few things out about the game.... and shared a few things with me that I have to be careful not to share with Rocky. Everything I’ve said so far.... has gotten back to T because Rocky has told him. So … Though it honestly just erks me.... because it didn’t matter to me..... well....

Rocky told T that we were going out for lunch today. T got upset and asked Shelby about it. Apparently she’s not allowed to be friends with me. He doesn’t like me. I’m pushy and talk to much. I NEVER in my life have been said to be pushy. Even when I hear people have been talking behind my back have they ever said pushy when talking about me. The only thing I think he could even for a second think that was a thing would be because I was rather forward with switching seats with Luke and Tori .... but that’s not pushy. I was self advocating .... not the same thing. I’d told them before I was deaf on my right. i was sitting next to the softest speaking guy in the room .... on my right.... and couldn’t hear him.... He’d gone on to say that he’s not the only one who thinks I’m pushy and talk to much. .... and how he’d like to see me not play..... I guess he’s got something coming because NONE of that will stop. I’m still going to talk.... hopefully less than last time maybe.... but I won’t ever be all about the game and only the game.... EVER. Not when you have people taking 5 mins to roll an attack because they have to be told it’s their turn all the time and how to do it.

Shelby (Chala and Captain) is going to drop out of the D&D game and T told Rocky yesterday that we will be starting at noon.... so we will get to play like 8-10 hours. She will continue to play on Tuesdays. T thinks she’s seeing someone and she’s not. Though she does have a first date tonight. I learned so much today..... Out of the 5 years they had been together he’d only worked 2 of them. The other night he’d said she left him because she wanted to spend more money. She explained in the time she was with him that he’d bought a motorcycle and a PS4.... while not working. That this was not the first time she’d left but it will be the last. When bills weren’t getting paid he made her go ask his mother for money! Each time she’d left his mother has paid his bills. He’s significantly older than her she’s 27 and he’s got to be early 60’s. She said she did not have feelings for him anymore. The other night he’d been all like Ï’m over it” but she said he’d asked her if she was free to go to a movie and dinner.... doesn’t seem over it to me. She did not respond so he thinks she’s seeing someone else. All in all the reason she’s still going over? She wants to play the GURPS game!..... that’s it.... it’s so seriously hard to find a DM/GM that she’s going over for that lol. She said when he gets drunk he’s violent. He says he never drinks for fear of becoming violent like his father..... or some such.
She says he manipulative and she thinks he’s already got Rocky. That would not shock me :( I tried to express things I didn’t like about the game and Rocky defended him automatically.
It sucks that we will be playing most of the day Monday and I’ll actually be much quieter because I won’t want to talk to anyone else. Then Shelby will be there on Tuesday and I’ll be the reason we don’t play as much as we could because I talk to much..... so dumb. I’d told her that he mentioned that she’d said she was saving money but went out and bought a Switch as soon as she moved out. She laughed and showed me some price tags she’s proud of. She’d bought a Micheal Kors purse and wallet totaling like 720 when she was still with him. She did get some great discounts and help as a gift from her dad so it wasn’t really 720 but she was proud of it and that is a fair bit more than a Switch lol. She thought it was funny because he’d brought up the switch and not the purse. In all honesty.... she’s got all the right to do whatever she wants with HER money. They aren’t married…

Feel like I’m getting all fired up and it’s not even my thing.... I feel like it’s going to infect Rocky and I though so I want to be sure I have the story straight. Shelby says T is manipulative and controlling. T says Shelby wants to spend money.... literally that’s why he said she left. shrugs not my business right..... but I talk to much.... I mean I know I do.... and I’m pushy.... I think he’s just saying that in hopes that Shelby will agree I don’t belong there. She doesn’t though. In fact she said if she were to ask anyone to leave it would be Tori. So.....

Down the rabbit hole... June 20, 2020

That all sounds like way too much drama to bother.

JHkerriokey Down the rabbit hole... ⋅ June 21, 2020

T has promised to teach Rocky to DM. That's it .... and honestly I'm pretty entertained that someone thinks I'm pushy. I had a BF break up with me one time because ÿou don't have a backbone" so now I"m pushy lol

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