Six of Swords reversed DELAYS in Weight Loss Surgery

  • May 19, 2020, 7:02 a.m.
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So that’s my card for the day.

The six of swords shows 3 people in a boat with six swords. One of the people is standing and rowing away from us. All three people have their back to us.

I get the sense that obstacles have been overcome by leaving. A new beginning on a distant shore.

BUT I got the card in reverse which kinda feels like “Not so fast, you missed the boat, you have to wait for the next one”.

With my mind still filled with hopes of those balloons, this may just mean that this is not going to be a quick process. Which I know, but it’s disappointing.

I am impulsive. But when I feel a decision is right, I leap at it. If they called today and said come in this evening to sign the paperwork, I would. Out of desperation and inspiration, I would get this process started right now if possible.

But nothing is really immediate for me. I never get hired on the spot or proposed to in a week or get the thing I needed in the mail the very next day,

I forgot to mention I just got that $1200 check. Kinda late in comparison to others.

The book makes it seem like upright these people are fleeing are difficult situation, and while they seem to have no possessions with them, at least they have each other,

I am trying to flee my current body which is a difficult situation LOL.

Anyway reverse means it’s not time yet, things being delayed. I’m sure this pandemic will be the reason for the delay,

I’m a little worried because I believe they won’t give the balloons to someone with my bmi. I believe I may have to lose some weight before they deem it ok.
And even if I only have to lose 10 lbs - when’s the last time I managed that? And kept it off. Losing weight is not exactly my strength, Hence the pursuit of the balloons.

Got word from the balloon doctor that they did get my request for info but they are limited with staff And will get back til me asap.


Last updated December 20, 2020

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