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  • April 9, 2020, 10:07 p.m.
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Well life certainly is not interesting at the moment (at least not personally), so here’s a survey I stole from Kylie

Are you an essential worker?

I’m considered one yes, and still have to go to work as per usual. I’m in a supermarket and help provide food on the table for customers, but lordy-lord, the panic buying has been testing everyone’s patience. We have toilet paper now, but other things like rice and pasta and usually always completely cleared out, even with product limits, and ordering anything extra in has been blocked by the system. Hand-santizer, forget about it. The Brisbane warehouse actually went into meltdown at the start of all this and our products were being diverted via Melbourne! Insane. We have seniors-hour every morning for an hour before the general public are let in and it has been extended to front-line workers also. We also close our doors an hour earlier to try and re-fill the shelves more. We’re a smaller surpermarket so products move much more quickly than a big store. We’re still very low on stock-levels to where we should be, but we can’t help whatever happens further up the supply-chain. Customers have been mostly good, but of course I occasionally get the odd fuck-stick. One of my workmates was in tears one day, and a friend on the gold coast got told to “fuck off” because this dickhead decided to bring his entire entended-family through the self-serve area.

How many drinks have you had since this began?

Alcoholic - zero!

If you have kids, are they driving you nuts yet?

No kids, but I’ll keep trying when this has settled down.

What new hobby have you taken up since quarantine?

None. I’ve been doing home-workouts, somewhat, and had to buy a new gym-ball and resistance bands, but I always did gym so that’s not new.

How many grocery runs have you done?

Usually only one a week on my days off work, but I work in a supermarket so just grab what I need at the end of my shifts.

What are you spending stimulus money on?

I don’t get any - boo. Initially I was annoyed by it as I get paid less than what people will get to do nothing and I have to risk getting Co-Vid-19 as I’m surrounded by customers each day, but I realize that people are desperate and have bills to pay and I don’t have the stress they probably do. I still think it would be right be receive a hazard-allowance though, especially for the front-liner’s.

Do you have any special occasions you will miss while in quarantine?

Not really, I don’t have a life anyway LOL. This is amazing for an introvert, really.

If a burglar breaks into your house are you prepared to suppress them?

The good thing about apartment living is the security. A burglar would have to obtain an access-pass and each one is only valid on the level you live on. And once they get to the right floor, they still have to break in the front door, and there’s cameras on them everywhere. My old place got broken into a few times, and I did have to confront a burglar once! I was shaking.

What movie have you watched during quarantine?

I’ve been watching more TV then movies, but I did watch “Kenny” last night and couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. It’s almost as Aussie-iconic as “The Castle” haha.

What are you currently streaming?

Oh god, this could go for a while lol.
“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” - I have cried in every episode so far except one. I am such a fucking sad-sap. One of the producers is Mandy Moore which just makes me love it even more.
“Better Call Saul” - having recently finished ‘Breaking Bad’ (I know, I’m so slow), this spin-off is surprisingly entertaining, and I’ve watched the entirety of it up to the current episodes that come out each week on Stan.
“Will And Grace” - the new season.
“The Nanny” - I’m currently re-watching the first season.
“Shaun McCallif’s Mad As Hell” - I watch every week.
“RuPaul’s Drag Race - Season 12” - watch every week.
“Schitt’s Creek” - watched the first few episodes of the final season, but have to finish it.

“First Wives Club” - the series. I’ve finished - hilarious.
“Sotus” - finished it - a gay Thai series on Netflix that I got engrossed in.
“Drag Race Thailand” - just finished the entire second season and am hoping Stan adds the first.
“The Circle Brazil” - finished it!
“100 Humans” - finished.
“Bloom” - the new season came out yesterday and I was SO excited. I was planning to watch it today but I ended up watching the entire thing after work yesterday lol. Still my one of my absolute favourite Aussie series.
Now I am just hanging out for the new season of “Wentworth”, but they’ve had to stop production for the time being, obvi.

Nine months from now is there an chance of having a baby?

LOL! Now that would be a miracle.

What is your go-to quarantine meal?

Probably cookies - I’m gonna be so fat at the end of this.

Is this whole situation making you paranoid?

Little bit, but I’m paranoid anyway, this just adds to it.

Has your internet gone out during this time?

Thank fuck no. It’s been a bit slow though which isn’t surprising, as I figure everyone is doing the same thing I am.

What month do you predict this will all end?

Noooo idea. I hope the earlier the better.

First thing you will do when you get out of quarantine?

Go the the gym, but I think everyone else will have the same idea and it’ll be too crowded.

Where do you wish you were right now?

On a holiday somewhere.

What free-from-quarantine activity do you miss most right now?

Gym. Sex. Freedom.

Have you run out of toilet paper or hand sanitizer at all?

Nope. I don’t really use hand sanitizer except at work, just washing my hands should be good enough.

Do you have enough food to last a month?

No, probably two weeks which is enough.

Are you having more or less sex during quarantine?

Less. None at all other than with myself, which is like three times a day with the free pornhub premium lol.

Are you keeping some sort of journal or scrapbook of what’s going on?

Just this one.

Have you donated to any charities, or otherwise done something to help/give back?

Just kept going to work. Stashed some toilet paper for a desperate little old lady.

Are you participating in any virtual/distanced social events?


TommyGnosis April 10, 2020

Extrovert by nature, introvert by trauma
Three times a day? I've been there. Hang in there bud!

kmh. April 14, 2020

Omg how good is Kenny! Another great Aussie movie if you haven't seen it is Charlie & Boots.

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