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  • March 18, 2020, 2:48 a.m.
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I’m actually really anxious today. And I hate this feeling. I shouldn’t be feeling this way, but suddenly I am. I’m back at work tomorrow and the panic-buyer’s, or rather the idea of them, is making my anxiety ride high. It’s so stupid cos it’s in my head and it hasn’t even happened yet, but I’m just waiting to be abused. It hasn’t happened yet. I’ve had people complain (mainly straight white men, what a surprise) but no abuse yet. I need to mentally prepare for it. The well-intentions of my workplace by introducing the Seniors Hour between 7am and 8am, and as of today only allowing 2 items of pretty much every item (except for fruit and veges) per customer, still isn’t enough. It’s that out of control. And each and every day I see or hear another article about stricter laws from the government and sensationalized media headlines which just makes people freak out more and more.
An employee got fucking STABBED yesterday, y’all. I’m that stressed that I’ve turned southern-yankee. Yee-haw!
It wasn’t at my store, thankfully. I keep trying to focus on the positives that my store has been mostly keeping it’s head above water, or rather flat-lining and then being brought back temporarily to life again and again.
And then the CEO of the whole company keeps saying things like, ‘There’s plenty of food for everyone’ which MAY be true IF everyone behaved themselves, but the fact is we’re not getting enough truck deliveries to cope with it all. Once a truck arrives, pallets are dragged out and it’s all gone in no time, especially if it’s anything meat-related. Toilet paper and hand sanitiser pallets don’t even come IN it’s that bad further up the supply-chain.
And then I keep seeing stupid status’ on Facebook like, “Errrr, why don’t they just order more in?”
Yeah buddy - ^rolls fucking eyes^ - GEE WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT? I AM SO STUPID. OF COURSE. ORDER MORE.
Fuck me. It must be nice to work in an office somewhere and think that magical fairies make everything run smoothly outside their little bubble.
The fact is, I’m seeing and hearing that people who work in the same industry I do are being physically assulted because of this bullshit. I’m finding myself wondering what I will do when it inevitably happens to me. Will I retaliate? Because fucking hell, it’s hard to follow company protocol at the moment and maintain composure and assure customers that everything will be okay.
And if CoVid-19 does get worse than it is, then Lord help us all.
It’s blowing my mind seeing American’s stock up on guns and ammunition. It’s another world to me being Australian, as obviously that hasn’t been possible for anyone living here since 1996. What, they’re gonna shoot people who try to steal their hoarding supplies?? LOL, fill me in here folks. Hunt for their own dinner when food runs out? Hopefully it’s more the latter.
I’m even seeing entries here on Prosebox of people stockpiling and it’s making me mad, but only because of the situation we’re currently in here. Maybe supplies are adequate enough where these writers are to warrant doing so.
But I just wanted to write that I’m bloody anxious. I’m meant to do out-of-code on Thursdays but I think tomorrow is going to be a bit different. I have a feeling that there won’t be enough stock on the shelves to even check the use-by-dates. Plus I’m sure the work-experience guy will be palmed off to me again and just hold me up from doing anything. The thing I like about work is getting in and getting as much done as I can, especially now. If I see things like toilet paper or tissues, I can’t be around all the time to watch the aisle and see if the exact same people are coming back in after each 1-limit purchase, because that’s what the Asians do with the baby formula, and they are the worse culprits for it. Not being racist, just truthful. They even HIRE people to go in and buy packets for them, and are exactly the type of people we don’t want shopping in our store. So if I can deliberately not put out stock and give it to genuine people who actually need it, and that’s ONLY if we have it. I just can’t stand scammers and hoarders in any way shape or form. People the big cities are even travelling out to country towns and raiding their locals stores of all stock. It’s pathetic. The clever stores are checking people’s ID’s to see if they live in the local postcode. People are driving me MAD, and I’m not even back at work for the week yet lol.

I need to find a way to calm down. Colada (the gay pool party I went to last time) is called off, which isn’t a surprise. They’ve even shut down the Beat Megaclub which I don’t think has ever been closed for more than a few hours at a time in the entire time since it’s opened in 1983. The new ban on indoor events of over 100 people and outdoor events of 500 people is hitting hard. I’ve seen people on facebook who have lost their jobs. It’s just amazing how quickly this has all happened. I’ve never lived through anything like this before.

I went to Brende’s house again last night, for dinner. Caught and Uber there and back. It was okay. He’s very funny but it’s an interesting mix. He’s not the usual guy I would go for in a friend. He’d made pasta and fresh prawns for dinner, so that was an interesting mix too. I loved the prawns but they are so messy. Anyway, we had a few laughs and watched “The Lake House” which I hadn’t seen before. It had good reviews and apaprently made like $140M at the box office, but it was completely stupid to me LOL. The only good thing about it was that it had actors I like. So we laughed at that too.
He kindly ordered me an Uber home around midnight and I was surprised when it was a Mercedes Benz. On Uber X! So that was nice.
The driver was more positive about CoVid-19 and thinks that it’s on the decline. It was nice to actually hear from someone more positive about it because everyone else is acting like fucking Apolocolyptic zombies right now.

Anyway, stressing out that things will be okay and some nutcase doesn’t try to fucking stab me the next few weeks.

wintergrey March 18, 2020

I think we are all anxious all the time now, but it is totally understandable that you are doubly anxious. At work, can you stand a distance away from people? Social distancing and all? Back away when they talk to you? Do you have a cart with stuff that you can keep between yourself and people? I think distancing is even more important for you to stay safe. Good luck!

KissOfLife! wintergrey ⋅ March 18, 2020

I think most people are aware of keeping their distance, but I do get some who are right in my face and I'm like thinking 'whoa back the f up!'. I'd be swinging a cart between myself and customers all the time, fending them off if I tried the cart thing haha.

.:A_Shadows_Exhale:. March 18, 2020

Love you Matt, stay safe <3

DE_mkately March 18, 2020

I don't know anyone stockpiling guns and ammo if that makes you feel any better. But I am in the northeast and generally that's not the gunniest place there is.

People are buying up all there is, so there is def a supply issue here too.

TommyGnosis March 18, 2020

what a gong show! I'm scared

Swanny March 18, 2020

We're down to 4 toilet rolls. I went to Woolies at 8:05am yesterday and they were already sold out. The pasta and rice aisles were bare. Lots of taco stuff for some strange reason. Oh and everyone was holding 2 packets of mince. There's an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables though. It's a strange time that's for sure.

Hope you stay safe and there's no drama at your store.

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