Antidepressants in I wrote this to keep alive

  • March 17, 2023, 1:30 p.m.
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I miss my cheerful self. I guess become more gloomy after i learned that i had to take antidepressants.

Imagine you profess your feeling for your significant other. Asking him to do the BARE MINIMUM while you do the maximum : learning how to cook, etc. All he replied “it’s just you who want this right?”

What so it’s only me who love you. You never? Ahahahaha HAHAHAHA
After that i broke down and often hide under tables for days. I realized i need help so i reached psychiatrist. She said i need to take kalxetin etc.

People around me mocking me for taking antidepressants.

I feel better now after stop taking antidepressants for a while but if i saw the old message again i’ll get triggered. I got gerd because of the depression too.

So much for love. I’m still doing the best for him now my effort range is the medium. Dont wanna do maximum anymore. I changed my phone wallpaper to game character clay doll. Never in my life i will adore him too much anymore. Screw him. But i still in love with him

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