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November 03, 2022

NJM 3 - off script in Each Day

I’m not a joke kinda person. I think I’m funny, I think I have good timing, but I also think life gives us so much material to work with and that there’s an art in being able to laugh at the ridi...

November 03, 2022

NJM 2 - goals, ironically in Each Day

Whew, day 2 and I already failed. Hahahah. I don’t care. Some things I’m just here for the lolz. What are my goals this month? don’t wish time away between excitements be in the moment on Nove...

November 01, 2022

NJM 1 - Self portrait in Each Day

I kind of just did this in my intro entry. But maybe I will focus on my appearance, in an abstract way because I want to be better about being anonymous. My hair has been every colour of the rain...

October 30, 2022

Veritable Sex Fest in Each Day

There has been a running “joke” among my friends that I will pawn off my husband, M, to anyone who wants to sleep with him. He’s always been an attentive lover, and I’ve been talking him up for Y...

There’s nothing like a shiney new journal, is there? This profile might be new, but I’m not. I’ve been journalling online since 1998, one of the early adopters at OpenDiary, back in the day. Th...

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