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  • Oct. 30, 2022, 7:29 p.m.
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There’s nothing like a shiney new journal, is there?

This profile might be new, but I’m not. I’ve been journalling online since 1998, one of the early adopters at OpenDiary, back in the day.

That makes me an elder millennial. Which I suppose also makes me a lefty liberal snowflake. A Social Justice Warrior. A socialist. A feminist.
I am Canadian, mixed race, the daughter of a first-generation immigrant, neuro-divergent, pagan, polyamourous and pansexual. Before 2020 I referred to myself as a “high social needs extrovert”. I’m really trying to reclaim that piece of my identity.
I am married to an incredible man, we’re about to hit 16 years together. Our relationship has been anything but smooth, but we work incredibly well together and I am frequently in awe of how lucky I am to have him as a partner.
I am a military spouse, and a member myself. Which means I live far from my blood, and have military family spread all over this beautiful country. I value the friendships I have cultivated as much as my blood family. I have two cats, a 14 year old rescue and a 2 year old Cornish Rex, both male. In 2020, the kitten kept me alive, and to this day is the only creature I’ve ever felt a shred of maternal instinct for.

I value Truth and vulnerability and communication. I abhor ego. I strive to overcome the conditioning of my upbringing and heal myself and my community through allyship, reconciliation and decolonialization.

I am a knitter. Gardening (indoor and out, food, flowers or foliage) is a passion. I love to read (and yes that includes audiobooks). I could not give a fuck about pop culture. I am a practicing minimalist.

Like everyone else in the world my life blew up in 2020. Lockdown destroyed my identity, right after a professional failure upended my career. Then there were a series of losses in several of my communities. I struggled to endure blow after blow, but I asked for help, and I’ve been fighting to get my footing ever since. A year into therapy I was diagnosed with ADHD at 39, and over the last year I’ve been trying to integrate all this new information into my history and my worldview. I will talk about this A Lot.

I hope you choose to stick around. I love getting to know people.

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