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J'ai souffert souvent, je me suis trompé quelquefois ; mais j'ai aimé.

Writing, in its noblest function, is the attempt to unerase, to unearth, to find the primitive picture again, ours, the one that frightens us.


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Ecris! Elle a dit Et je dois répondre Nous ne sommes pas amies Mais à elle, je tourne Coupable de tous Mais c’est quand même fou Coupable de quoi? Seulement fou à vous! Je m’adresse aux femmes Qu...

i’m left feeling so oppressed you don’t know what i know best: it’s fear. completely warranted, but you don’t hear beyond the glass you think yourself contained. or you think you’re free? well lu...

October 09, 2014

wealth in addressing the public

everyone is rich in something but just one lack feels heavier than chests of gold. why can no amount of compliments nullify an insult?

October 03, 2014

Eyelids in addressing the public

Please, tell me that there’s a way to feel good If it’s foolproof and coolproof I’d hope that I could But when I’m wide awake and my dreams have uncurled I still feel the eyelids between me and t...

September 17, 2014

on being woman. in addressing the public

you think you know, but how could you ever? is it still worthless to you if it makes me feel better? i am not what it says in an essay or book i am not a reflection of how you think i should look...

September 01, 2014

elsewhere in addressing the public

moralities, and questions of goodpersonhood. my ears are hot and in some world too far away i need you more. here, i am not. i still believe that i will bleed a story

yesterday was the first birthday i've had since i was 13 where i didn't see the number on the left side of opendiary increase by one. how very strange

August 16, 2014

wishing well in addressing the public

i wish you were differenti wish i was too i just want to go dancing with you

August 08, 2014

maple sap in addressing the public

love poetry, that slippery knave my words thrive only in anguish but with you my afflictions drift far away and i fear i may float off the planet for nothing's amiss with your hands on my hips a...

sometimes it's so hard to seehow we become these ugly thingsresenting others' joy and peacerelishing our misery i want to be better.

one day when it endsand we change our words from "feel" to "felt"i hope our love sublimes,evaporates instead of melts one day when i'm bored with youand you realize i'm just a shelli hope that w...

horse pills, water down wonder what it is i'm swallowing anything to stop the swishing in my brain anything to remember what it feels like to be insane nowadays, i let my hormones take the blam...

i am wearied of thinking about how it doesn't matter how nothing matters as well as fatigued of thinking how it might all matter every blink of an eye every call that you miss everyone that ...

January 28, 2014

hello world in addressing the public

i cannot bear to be unheard from the internet. welcome to my self-indulgent and self-deprecating ramblings.

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