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February 12, 2024

5AM freewrite.//Part2 in Day By Day

strong textemphasized textHello everyone. I said I’d write, so, here I am. I don’t actually know where to start, so I’m just gonna babble until it starts to form some semblance of anything. Can...

February 09, 2024

I have so much to say. in Day By Day

I just don’t know where to start. Hello, friends. Do y’all even remember me at this point? I think about this place all the time. I have been wanting to come back, to read, to write. I just d...

I thought maybe I was actually super-humanly immune to covid? After my 3 vaccines? After having a job where it was my duty to swab peoples noses? Nope, it finally hit me. Hard. I had to go to th...

My lease was ending, and my my apartment, I’ll just keep it simple, ‘no longer serves me’, so I wasn’t gonna renew the lease. April 30th was the last day there for me. In March, I found an apar...

This is the only time I can say this and have it as a true statement. I’m literally on my way to work right now. I’ll tell ya why when I get home.

February 25, 2022

I gotta write. in Day By Day

Hey friends. I’ve set my whole PB to private, and I’m starting over right now. Today is the eve of my 35th birthday. For multiple reasons, I can’t believe I have lived to see 35, but I’m glad ...

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