Headaches: one proverbial, one physical. in Day By Day

  • May 3, 2022, 7:14 p.m.
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My lease was ending, and my my apartment, I’ll just keep it simple, ‘no longer serves me’, so I wasn’t gonna renew the lease. April 30th was the last day there for me.

In March, I found an apartment I liked. I applied, and the leasing agent said she’s almost 100% sure I’d be approved. Thing is, you have to make less-than a certain amount of money per year. I was juuuuust toeing the line. The agent still said I’d probably get it. I gave them the security deposit, and waited to hear the news. Imagine my surprise when, two weeks after I applied, I was denied. They said I made too much money. They called me to come pick up a check for the return of the deposit.

The search continued.

On 4/4, I found an apartment I liked. On 4/5, I spoke to the leasing agent. It was the same exact scenario as the first apartment, but the income restriction was a bit looser. Move In Date was set for 5/2, as long as everything was legit. The leasing agent said I’d get the apartment. For sure. So, I applied, then sent my deposit. Well, they call it a holding fee. If I got approved for the apartment, that money would go towards the deposit. If I did not get approved, the money would be returned to me. The catch, though? If I was approved for the apartment, but then decided to not move in, they get to keep the money.

After many, many phone calls, much stress and worry, I found out I was not approved for the apartment.

I was told this news on 4/27. My move in date was to be 5/2, and they told me I wasn’t approved on 4/27.

The leasing agent told me my holding fee would be returned to me in 14-45 business days.

Is that the craziest thing ever, or WHAT?!

Wait, it gets better.

I still had to leave the apartment, so I packed up and came home to my parents house. Thank God they love me!

On 4/28, I applied for a different apartment, with no maximum income requirement. On 4/29, I handed in my paperwork. On 4/30, we packed the uhaul and came to stay with my parents until I find a new apartment. On 5/2, I had the final walkthrough of my old apartment, and turned in my keys.

Today, 5/3, the place I applied at on Friday approved my application. My apartment won’t be ready for a little bit, and I was aware of that when I applied, so it’s all good. I’m gonna have to hang out here for the duration. I’m just so glad I have a plan in place.

Also, though? Guess who sent me an email stating I was approved for an apartment?

Yep, the place that I was supposed to move into YESTERDAY.

Now that they are saying I’m approved, I’ll bet they are gonna try to keep my holding fee.

Gotta call them tomorrow and figure it all out. Didn’t feel like it today. My emotional state is not great, because of fluctuating hormones. My head hurts. I got in a small bit of trouble at work, and I’m trying to process it in my head. I’m having trouble, though, because of the aforementioned hormones.

I wish I could just go to sleep. But, I have to babysit my nephew all night and take him to daycare in the morning.

I overheard my dad telling my mom something that happened to him today. It’s worrying me a bit. Sorry, I don’t feel like elaborating about that right now.

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