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August 28, 2019

----------------- in Fun times

it’s been like four days and my stepdad has been so nice. He hasn’t yelled shoved hit put me down I mean I still have the things he gave back and he hasn’t even been on me about my chores it scar...

August 23, 2019

Hate thinking of titles in Fun times

Friday is here not sure that is a good thing. My stepdad says things are going to change He gave me 99% of my stuff back still won’t let me have one thing. He said that won’t happen because of my...

August 21, 2019

no title in Fun times

My best friend was over today, and my stepdad was being a jerk when my stepdad went to feed the bottle babies my friend said you know his problem? He needs to feel smarter and bigger than everyon...

August 20, 2019

just life in Fun times

Had a fight with my stepdad this morning his son’s best friend told him I call my sock foot my battle scars and I was making fun of my stepdad at school. Not true, but When I Got to school, I was...

August 18, 2019

weekend is almost over in Fun times

Been a long weekend we got two more bottle calves that’s kind of fun but the fun never lasts. My stepdad is pushing hard with every little thing nothing is right I cleaned the kitchen three times...

August 16, 2019

School is good in My Life

It’s the third day of school and it is going good better than being home. I get to hang out with my friends most of them know about my stepdad, so they get it, even one of my teachers told me to ...

August 12, 2019

Finally school started in Fun times

School finally started so get a break from well you know hop it’s a good year has to be better than summer

August 03, 2019

going to be a long day in Fun times

Woke up to rain so My stepdad said I couldn’t go outside and we could have a house cleaning party which means I clean and he tells me what I’m doing wrong the whole time. I see this day going ba...

My stepdad decided to work from home today which means not work he said so he could spend quality time with his boys which means his son and I have to tag along. We made the rounds which is going...

July 28, 2019

not a bad day so far in My Life

The day started normal chores waxed stepdads’ truck then we went to his friends to fish and cookout at least he is the perfect dad when we are in public, He talks about how we are working through...

July 27, 2019

mind running wild in Fun times

I like the things people tell me on here, it helps, so nobody takes this wrong, please and if you haven’t ready about me having Double Deficit Dyslexia phonological dyslexia and rapid naming de...

July 27, 2019

my dad today in Fun times

My stepdad got me new jeans, shorts, shirts, and socks. He is such a clean freak and appearance is everything to him so guess that’s good for me because he does buy things I like. Then use the cl...

July 26, 2019

just a day I guess in Fun times

The day started badly My stepdad got me up at 5 am to mow the yard it was still dark made no sense. but got dressed got my shoe on and went and got the zero turn ready He started yelling about ho...

July 25, 2019

just vent i guess in My Life

guess was a normal day. My stepdad lectured me on everything I did wrong and how lucky I am to have a roof over my head and not still living in a car. That’s his new thing to point out how ungrat...

My stepdad turned off the internet. He got mad at the company because he said it was not fast enough. Thinks are still the same as always I just learned to stay low when he is home and did my wri...

July 23, 2019

still alive in Fun times

well, not dead just no internet for a long time. but life is still the same kinda

April 29, 2019

well in My Life

Well he is back for two weeks

My stepdad has been working out of town and my stepbrother has been at his mom’s so it has been kind of a normal life no fighting are yelling it has been nice. but he comes home Friday night so s...

April 16, 2019

Just another day in My Life

started the day by getting dragged out of bed because someone tracked mud in last night I must have done it I cleaned it up while being yelled at about how I was a slob and not having respect fo...

April 15, 2019

weekend over in My Life

weekend over not the worst I have had he had friends overall weekend so was kind of nice. it is funny we have so many coyotes here and my stepdad freaks out when they start howling I mean it is k...

April 13, 2019

hate weekends in My Life

well, the school was open so half a good day. After school had my last court date for my curfew ticket it was dismissed finally I explained for the thousand times why it happen Me and my stepdad ...

April 12, 2019

Snow in My Life

It snowed all night only in my house can the morning start with stepdad: no school today I got up earlier because I was hoping it was canceled Me: it’s not that bad I don’t see why we have gone...

So to start it is so crazy that so many people read about my life I thought about that on my bus ride home and want to say I’m a mad person. I guess deeply mad. I’m not a victim not to be mean m...

So yesterday sucked Stepdad was all over the place with yelling because I was late getting home the bus was late so not sure how it was my fault. I had homework in language arts, Math, science an...

April 09, 2019

just rambling I guess in My Life

Got home from school and my stepdad had rearranged my room not sure what the point was I guess to show me he could. He does like to do that so I remember who the boss is. He is waiting for me to ...

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