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4 days ago

3/19/2019 pt.2 in My Life

well home and my stepdad told me to clean his truck and wax it. it is bright red and very hard to wax and make look right. I got done He said I passed but only by the skin of my teeth which means...

4 days ago

3/19/2019 in Fun times

well ground again forgot to wash two coffee cups in the living room this morning well, to be honest, I didn’t see them so a week for each glass I guess so much for the getting to go places after ...

5 days ago

03/18/2019 in My Life

My stepdad playing name calling game as I call it but not yelling and shoving got home did chores homework and then just went to my room. He keeps calling me in the living when he wants something...

6 days ago

long day over in My Life

My stepdad finally went to bed instead of laying on the sofa complaining about his head hurting I think he took something to make him sleep so mini vacation. I’m so ready for school and some dow...

6 days ago

hungover again in My Life

My stepdad is so hungover he complains if I breathe he said I had to stay home are at least in the yard since I had to clean it anyways, I put a bag of trash in the dumpster and he yelled I did i...

My stepdad let me sleep in he has never let me sleep he always gets me up by 7 am usually earlier. I got up did my chores Saturday means vacuum every room, dust, mop the wood floors, do laundry a...

March 15, 2019

Not sure I get it in My Life

Got home from School Stepdad ask me how my day went. I told him it was good. He said I think you finally get it son. I said yes sir but had no idea what he was talking about I got my chores done ...

March 15, 2019

I think he won in My Life

My stepdad came to school today and talked to my counselor, principle and one of my teachers and talked to them about homeschooling me. They all said it was not a good choice for me because I nee...

March 15, 2019

Almost round two in My Life

Im so tried staying ip till 4 was not smart as i walked the door for school my stepdad said do we have a understanding who is in chatge . I just looked at he and said yes sir he then life is goo...

March 15, 2019

Well he talked in My Life

First I wrote a really long mean entry because I was mad but deleted it so if you read it sorry just the troll thing again but I got over it I never stay mad long. This is my longest entry yet ...

March 14, 2019

not sure in My Life

I was talking to my girlfriend probably the only person I really trust and I told her about this journal and all the comments I get she read it last night she didn’t learn anything she didn’t kno...

March 13, 2019

my day in My Life

First thanks to everyone for being so nice and I don’t think I ever wrote this but if my stuff is hard to read I have Double Deficit Dyslexia phonological dyslexia and rapid naming deficit dyslex...

March 13, 2019

Thank you in Fun times

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that was so nice on here there were so many i wanted to do it this way because i was scared i would miss someone and some told me i could block people on ...

March 13, 2019

He won't talk in My Life

One thing about writing on here about my life I have learned there are nice people outside my world and just give support and even advice that helps. but there are some that sent messages not so ...

March 11, 2019

good to bad in Fun times

Got home My stepdad was already home I walked in. He didn’t say a word I put my stuff up and did my chores. Finally, he asked me how was my day? I told him it went great I got a 100 on both my te...

March 11, 2019

he started early today in My Life

Stepdad is on a mission to make up for not riding me Sunday He woke me up at 5 am and ask if I thought I had got away with the way I acted all weekend. going off when his friends were there disr...

March 10, 2019

So far a good day in Fun times

My stepdad is hung over so he is quite he has a headache. So he has not been yelling at me for going with Mandy and her cousins last night even though he said I could go the only thing he said to...

March 10, 2019

This day is finally over in My Life

It is so messed up my stepdad keep pushing so hard today. He is going to fique out a way to blame me for the house getting broke it to not sure how I caused it but he has done everything he can t...

March 09, 2019

quick vent I guess in My Life

My stepdad is still on the warpath, He just keeps pushing today I ask him to stop he got in my face and said make me I got mad and said make me really were not 3 he turned red and knocked me do...

March 09, 2019

He is still so mad in My Life

I looked and I have 47 entries I hate writing about this crap it is all most embarrassing I so hope documenting all this helps get him one day soon like my teacher said but round two it’s going...

March 08, 2019

Worst day yet in My Life

This will be long Going to be a long weekend I walked in from school went to my room my stepdad walked in yelling because of the mud I tracked in He walked in and shoved me on the bed yelling how...

March 06, 2019

3/16/2019 part 1 in My Life

Well life’s back to normal for two weeks my stepdad is home two weeks and out of town a week so at least I get a normal life ever two weeks for now. He got me out of bed at 530 and showed me ever...

March 05, 2019

well he is back in My Life

My stepdad has been working on the road but he is back and it has all ready started he walked in and started naming things I had done wrong.The list was long of course that is normal for him. it ...

February 11, 2019

02/11/2019 in Fun times

Well, life’s back to normal my stepdad has been out of town six days for work it has been like a vacation. I really don’t want to go home

February 05, 2019

02/05/19 in My Life

well, just another day. Walked in stepdad let me know how I did everything wrong and made me redo the dishes from breakfast it was kind of funny because all the dishes I had to redo we didn’t use...

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