Tales of Voracious

by sloom

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7 days ago


The cave sat nestled in the mouth of the river, water dank and murky as the moonlight shimmered on its surface. I sat on the rocks, watching the darkness, waiting for a sign of the beast within. ...

January 13, 2021


I sat in the old house, listening to the soft cries from neighboring homes, as children were judged by the saint and his demonic accomplice. On the table beside me sat an array of items, ranging ...

December 18, 2020


The woods were quiet. The kind of perfect stillness that promises everything has seen you and is watching, waiting to see what you do in their home. I looked around the clearing, bathed in sunlig...

December 11, 2020


My feet touched damp earth as I walked between trees towards the haunted landscape he called home. The night barely stirred, the odd cricket made a noise only to sharply stop at my passing. A ful...

December 04, 2020


Waves lapped against the rocks, gently licking the stony surfaces. I stepped uneasily onto the slippery stones, sliding before finding a sturdy purchase. The soft sound of the water gave the forb...

November 27, 2020


Darkness haunted every step I took, obscuring the cave as I walked forward, torch hissing in the air. Other than my crimson flames, nothing but pitch black greeted my eyes. A cool air crept up my...

November 23, 2020

The Nuckelavee

Slick black blood slid down my arm and dripped off of my elbow, creating a puddle at my bare feet. The ocean coursed behind my beast, thundering on rocky craigs. No words slipped past my lips, fo...

November 20, 2020


The candlelight flickered, casting shadows over the altar. Tree branches quivered in the cool wind, clattering against one another. Fire warmed the air behind me, illuminating the effigy and the ...

November 14, 2020

Gelatinous Cube

It waited, patiently, the light glinting off of its ultramarine surface. I slid my hand over its gelatinous flesh, caressing the glassy outside as I inhaled a soft breath. It quivered in anticipa...

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