Arachne in Tales of Voracious

  • Nov. 27, 2020, 8:17 p.m.
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Darkness haunted every step I took, obscuring the cave as I walked forward, torch hissing in the air. Other than my crimson flames, nothing but pitch black greeted my eyes. A cool air crept up my back, sending gooseflesh down my arms, as I walked through the cavern, stopping only to examine the two ways forward.

The pathway to the right, once illuminated, revealed rocks and fallen debris, but a clean way forward. The second whispered of scuttling, webbing guarding its opening. I grimaced and stepped forward, lowering my torch and ducking beneath the web.

The tunnel beyond seemed alive. Every surface was covered in sticky web that wafted as I moved by, sending spiderlings scattering. Their black bodies shone ruby in the firelight. A smile tugged at my lips as a palm sized spider landed on my shoulder, caressing the bare skin softly as she moved closer to my hair.

Everything, from spider to spiderling, scattered as I entered a larger cavern. Some were the size of my horse, scaling the walls rapidly and disappearing into the darkness above me. My light barely illuminated the creatures above me, showing me only the white web that hid their bodies. Nothing dared come closer with the torch flickering beside me.

With a deep breath I looked at my torch before dropping it to the ground. The fire sputtered and slowly muted as the damp cave took its toll. Shadows lingered long and hungrily on the walls as the darkness closed in around me.

A faint sense of fear touched my gut as my eyes tried to adjust to the darkness. Shapes and shadows seemed to move, writhing and shivering in provocative ways. I took a steep away from the dying light only to feel the brush of something thin against my shoulder and hair. I turned, seeing nothing, but the silvery wisp of web that hung there.

Another ghostly caress caught my shoulder before I stepped away, further from the light. Only black emptiness waited before me. My foot was caught first, stepping into the sticky thick fibres and becoming instantly immobile. A hand moved to steady myself, only to press against the fibrous web and become lodge.

Vibrations shuddered along the great web. I pulled, losing my balance when nothing would free me, only to end up more in the web. It bounced with every movement I made. Deliberately I struggled, making the web shudder around me. It jiggled in response as hundreds of legs moved upon it.

Thin and strong legs grabbed me, ripping me without hesitation from the web. She moved silently, a great body I couldn’t see carrying me through the cavern along webbed passageways, spiders running over us both of every size. Not a sound was made other than the beating of my heart. I dared not move. Long, delicate fangs caressed my hair and cheek as she carried me far from the last of the light source.

Human hands caressed my face, a thumb trailing over my lips before her fanged mouth was on mine. I licked at the elongated fangs, found her tongue, and let our mouths dance with each other. She tasted of sharp acids, no doubt her venom. The woman pulled back, suddenly, as though I had bitten her.

I moved one hand to her face, trailing it down her neck slowly, feeling the strange chitinous skin. “It’s okay,” I whispered to her. “I want this.” Fingers moved behind her neck, pulling her back into my lips. Her kiss was renewed, eager, and hungry. Human hands and spider legs roamed my body, pricking skin, pinching, exploring.

Her fingers caressed my breasts, as though she were caring for a pet. Nails flicked over my nipples before she bit my bottom lip. I moaned and then whimpered as a burning pain started in my lip and spread down my chin and over my cheek. My lips became still as the venom spread, slowly immobilizing my body in its wake.

The web enclosed my legs, separately, first. It wrapped up my thighs, over my stomach and breasts, before she pulled my arms upwards and cloaked them in her web. Finally, she touched my face before enclosing me fully in her silken threads.

I tried to shift, but her venom held me perfectly still. I breathed shallowly, seeing and hearing nothing beyond the stillness. A single human hand ran over the web, caressing me through the fibres. Her hand wandered, grabbing, slapping, smacking. My body dangled, responding to her without movement.

One long leg slid against my thigh and hooked in the webbing, ripping it open. I felt the pinpricks as her body wandered over mine, resting atop me, heavy and enormous. A tongue tasted me, mixing her numbing venom with my own wetness. Like any sweet lover, she played and explore, fangs sometimes piercing, other times grazing.

My moans vibrated through the webbing, muffled and hungry as she devoured me, hanging upside down atop me. A long, thin leg pressed upwards, sliding inside of me. My instinct to pull away from the sharpness was defeated as my muscles failed to respond. Instead, she pressed deeper, pushing another leg in beside it.

Everything stretched as she plunged inward, going deep and hard, expanding me rapidly. “You want this?” she finally asked, voice muffled and distorted by her own fangs. The web before my lips was tore free. I tried to speak, but my lips wouldn’t move. A muffle sound was all that escaped.

Fingers parted my lips, sliding one finger into my mouth, tasting of venom and myself. A spindling leg slid in beside her finger as she tilted my head upwards. The leg pressed deeper, moving past my throat and downward, taking advantage of my inability to move.

“I’m going to fill you up, little girl,” she hissed. “Entirely. Until you nearly burst.” The leg pushed deeper until I struggled to breathe. A whimpering sound vibrated against the leg lodged deep into my throat before she pulled it out.

Silence hung around us as I strained to hear anything she was doing before a long leg moved upwards inside of me once more, pulling a sticky, wet fibre with it. It pressed further, causing a stabbing pain as it pushed beyond what any man would and into the deepest part of me. It was oddly cold and I whimpered. “Shhh,” she chided. “You will enjoy.”

A strange clacking and moaning sound escaped her as she jiggled atop me, legs moving quickly. A round, thick ball slipped inside me, pushing upwards following the wet strand of web. Then another, and another. The little eggs invaded, sliding upwards and into me. Pleasure pulsed with each egg that she pushed inside, the sticky fibre leading them deep into my body, impregnating my womb.

Moans began to fill the silence. Fluid dripped out of me as I groaned, the pressure building inside of me and sending wild sensations through my body. “Yes. Good girl,” she moaned herself as her legs pressed her progeny into me.

My belly began to expand, filling outward with each egg that the arachnid thrust inward. Our moans mingled as she implanted her eggs within me, expanding my womb until it looked as though I was ready to birth a human child.

As the last egg slipped into me, my body shuddered. Her mouth returned, teasing the gaping opening and gently cleaning the remaining web. Spinners released more of the silk as she bound my gaping hole closed, flicking my bud until I cried out in renewed ecstasy.

So gently she kissed me then, swallowing my pleasurable moan with her fanged mouth. Another bite and darkness swallowed me, sending me unconscious from her venom.

I awoke on the cave floor, hands pressed lovingly against my filled belly, already feeling the writhing of our unborn children.

Skeletor December 01, 2020

This is quite beautiful, dark, dangerous, sensual and unnerving. Love it. Thank you for writing it. Everything you write is wonderful.

sloom Skeletor ⋅ December 02, 2020

Aw, thank you <3 I'm so thrilled you enjoy it!

Skeletor sloom ⋅ December 03, 2020

I certainly do. Got images of a sultry sexually charged Shelob in my brain!

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