Hydra in Tales of Voracious

  • Jan. 17, 2021, 12:21 a.m.
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The cave sat nestled in the mouth of the river, water dank and murky as the moonlight shimmered on its surface. I sat on the rocks, watching the darkness, waiting for a sign of the beast within. Nothing grew around the cave, even the algae had died and fled to further within the water’s expanse.

No sounds emanated from the entrance. Silence sat firmly over the waters of the Amymone, where normally amphibious life would thrive. The smell of fetid swamp water tangled in the air and I grimaced. Slowly I pulled the cloth from my bag and wrapped it around my nose and mouth, blocking out some of the stench.

I slipped from my perch, bare feet padding on the rocks before moving into the water, mud squishing between my toes. The water rippled out around me, reflecting a movement I couldn’t see beneath its surface. My fingers dipped into the water, gently feeling around myself in the hip-high liquid.

A slithering coil brushed against my hands. Despite the instinct to flinch, I remained still, brushing my fingertips along the huge length of the creature. Serpentine eyes peered at me from beneath the glassy surface, glimmering with fear and threat before the head moved and the eyes disappeared.

“I’m not here to hurt you,” I said aloud as I slowly moved forward, daring another step towards the cave. Nearby, they had threatened to send a hero, someone to conquer the beast, to slay her. I grimaced at the thought and took another step, resting one hand against the rock of the cave’s entrance.

A single large head rose from the water, larger than my own, with keen intelligent eyes and long barbed teeth. Gold eyes glowered at me, as the mouth opened slightly to release a snake tongue that tasted the air.

My hand moved slowly, gently forward, letting the snake catch my scent before I stepped closer to the head. “Hello,” I murmured as I left my hand up. The snake examined it, then lowered its head to rest on my palm. I smiled and held still as it wound its way up my shoulder, tongue flicking the air as it went.

Careful so the snake would see, I moved my hand to gently caress the body, its length still mostly hidden in the water. Its head butted against my neck while beneath the surface of the water its tail wrapped up my leg, squeezing before going further up.

A second tongue tasted my thigh. I blinked and reached below, feeling another serpent head resting against my leg. Two more rose from the water, staring at me intently before they slid up my body, one winding around my free arm. They were heavy, massive, even. Alert and intelligent eyes watching for one sign of threat or harm from me.

Another thick serpentine body wound up my other leg, holding me immobile as each neck and body squeezed. More heads arose from the water, towering over me, in varying sizes and age, scars etched into the necks where once they had been shorn off. The largest head lowered to look at me, waiting.

“I’m just here to help you,” I said, seeing her expectation. “Trouble comes.” I moved one hand to touch one of the scars on one of the heads, grimacing at what humans had done. “I’m sorry they hurt you,” I whispered. Tentatively I laid a kiss on the cool flesh, only to feel each head shiver in delight.

“You’re beautiful. You don’t deserve this.” My hands began to explore each of the snakes upon me, slowly discovering the girth where they all attached and conformed into one giant serpentine body, huge tail moving in the swamp water around us.

The largest head, without scars, lowered to my face, nuzzled along my jaw as I pet her, caressing the skin, letting my lips kiss along her neck. Each of the heads squeezed in response, the tail joining to wrap entirely around my body.

Teethed mouths closed around my breasts, sucking at my hardened nipples and flicking delicate tongues over the sensitive flesh. I couldn’t move, only moan and shudder against the many-headed beast. She flicked her tongue against my lips, tasting my open mouth as I let my tongue explore her skin in return.

She moved, pulling me into her waters with her, air escaping my lips as I moaned with the full-body pressure she supplied. One head slipped to my opening, her head too wide but exploring anyway, tongue dancing within me. Each moment brought a new pulse as the body and necks compressed and squeezed, bringing to me a sense of pleasure and heightened awareness beneath the water.

Many mouths closed around various bits of my flesh, teeth causing tiny pulses of pain. A mouth encircled the tender flesh between my thighs, teeth raking over the sensitive nub and tongue rubbing. I felt my body jerk and twist and yet not move, her massive both holding me captive in her whims.

My lungs burned as I moaned, again and again, a dozen serpentine heads writhing against me before one finally slipping within. The surface brought me air as she dragged herself and me onto the rocky shore in the inky darkness. I saw nothing but felt more and more of the snake bodies slide over me, slithering in piles above and below me. Smaller ones slipped inside of me wherever they could, bringing multiple heads with them.

Cries of pleasure filled the Hydra’s cave as she squeezed me tighter, holding me immobile as her multiple heads explored my body, each claiming part as its own to tease and explore. Wave after wave of ecstasy spread through my body as she pumped me, each mouth unrelenting in its attentions.

As I shuddered, I pulled my arms free, groping in the darkness to feel her massive snake body. Fingers explored, finally sliding inside of her, pushing deep and far. The Hydra didn’t release me but squeezed in response to each thrust my hand made. Slowly she unraveled from me, letting my fingers and tongue explore her.

The heads all hissed and twitched as I pressed inside of her, giving her pleasure she hadn’t known before. One of her heads still pushed inside of me, slowly pumping in and out, matching my speed and strength. She grew more frantic, twisting around my arm and body again as I slid a second hand inside of her, filling her delicate opening.

Finally, a twisted cry arose from the cave and I felt her shudder and convulse as I cried out with her. Our bodies shivered together, leaving us a mess of serpentine heads and bodies entangled on her cave floor. The biggest head wound around my torso and rest against my chest as my fingers idly stroked her.

Carefully I shifted, eyes adjusting to the low light of the cave, where a nest of eggs sat hidden from the world. “Oh, my love,” I murmured and kissed her head. “Should we move your family?”

Her head lifted to look at me before she nudged me, body warmer from resting against me. The head within me shifted, pushing deeper. “Soon,” she hissed against my ear, tickling my skin with her tongue.

I smirked as the hydra’s body tightened around me again, igniting my skin with hungry fire. “Fine. But after we’re finding you a better home.”

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