Dear love

by sloom

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July 22, 2019

The Haunting

Dear love, It’s my default to say I’m sorry. Not because I’m Canadian but because I am so intrinsically interested in making you comfortable, the apology is first and foremost. Your feelings almo...

July 21, 2019

Tea Time

Dear love, I make tea and sit thinking about you as the bag bobs in and out of the water at my finger’s will. It steams in the cold air of my apartment, hollow of your presence. Sometimes the pas...

July 07, 2019


Dear love, You stir in me. The way a parasitic larva coils in the guts of its host, you tickle my insides. Nothing I do seems to pull you off the wall of my gut so I can shit you out. Instead, I...

June 09, 2019


Dear love, We made a game together about quilting. We even put it in a book and published it, at your urging. You took my foundations of knowledge and shoved them into a game and said “let’s make...

May 26, 2019

big game hunting

Dear love, I find myself running out of things to say to you. What can you say to the beast you once loved? Can you admire his fangs, his claws, his predatory eyes? Is there even a man in there? ...

April 23, 2019


Dear Love, The further away I get from you, and the more I unwind the tangles of yarn that are memories and my mind, the more I feel like I don’t know you. Not because I didn’t know you. But beca...

April 18, 2019

An Eraser

Dear love, There’s too many reminders still. On my skin, in my hair, on the walls. In my wallet. The debt. The pain. The memories that just keep coming back and the more I remember the more I wan...

April 14, 2019

A Little Death

Dear love, I remember when I thought you might kill me. It happened more than once. The arbitrary lines you would say, soft and with a devilish grin that implied I had saved you from becoming a ...

April 10, 2019


Dear love, Remember how you used to say that I saw you? That I got you? Oh, baby. Do I got you. I couldn’t see before. Or, well. I could. But I didn’t see the damage you were inflicting. I saw yo...

April 06, 2019

The Public

Dear love, The further away from you I get, the more clear it becomes. The more I talk about what I experienced, the more obvious things get. And I can’t talk about it. You’re clever that way. Yo...

March 26, 2019


Dear love, you warned me it would be like this. you spoke with knowledge and cleverness and i said i’d be fine. well, i’m not. you were right. i submit. can you make it stop now? i sit on the co...

February 17, 2019


Dear love, I see your cycles. I see the drowning waters that you churn for me, adrift on a sea of your design. Drown in me, you whisper. Your mouth is an open invitation to suffering. Fall back ...

February 09, 2019


Dear love, Today you’re the ghost entwined in my soul. I can’t see you or through you or into you, but I can feel your lingering pulling at me. Everyone assures me I walked away for a reason. But...

February 08, 2019


Dear love, I still think about how you feel inside of me. In every way you’ve been within me. Your tongue, fingers, cock, soul, heart, love, mind, lies, pain, promises. In the heat of lust I can ...

February 07, 2019

A life

Dear love, I wanted to build a life with you. I wanted to fold your laundry, make tea for you, and listen to you cooking while I worked on a game in the other room, shouting an idea to you now an...

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