Powerful and intense.

There was a very tangible shift in the tenor of your expression throughout this. That's difficult to achieve with written text, but the pace and pressure stand out.

Everything about this is fantastic. My favorite lines..

Those fingertips. I lost wars to those digits. You explored every bit of me with them. You memorized my expressions and sounds. You made a map out of my responses to you until you could play me as a fine instrument. I was your delight.


I heard you when you claimed my emotions, my heart, and especially my growth.
As though you planted the seed of recovery inside of me and it grew a flower with your scrawling signature on every petal.*

That was when I ripped out your plants and called them weeds. I cleaned my
garden of you then and there. There would never be another flower called yours.

So many questions. As always your talent is evident, but beyond merely that you are in every sense absolutely intriguing.

Very much that.