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December 21, 2019

This is the lover I deserve.

Most of this copied from here. Edited out a bit about childbirth because nope. I deserve a lover who opens my book, thumbs my pages, and reads my soul. A lover who gets my central theme, my esse...

December 08, 2013

Bad Place

Been there, done that, living it again. I'm in a bad place, emotionally. Have been for awhile now if you couldn't tell by my complete lack of entries. I have a really hard time opening up when...

November 06, 2013

Geographic Cure

"It's a wholly illogical but nonetheless powerful belief that things will change for the better in a new place; that the urge to self-destruct will magically disappear." ~ Stephen King, Wolves of...

October 24, 2013


I actually have flashbacks to bad points in my life. I wasn't always able to recognize that this was what was happening to me. I didn't understand why I had these overwhelming feelings of sadne...

Book Description

I have these a lot. I think it’s a part of being bipolar and/or having PTSD. Sometimes things sneak up on me, sometimes they hit me like a ton of bricks, and sometimes I don’t even know I’m feeling something until I start writing.