theKat May 20, 2024

I think the 3rd party will pull the ones that have turned on trump but don't want to vote democrat. I think trump has lots his MOJO... even in the reddest of red states in southern indiana I see only one or two trump signs or flags where as in the past Trump flags were everywhere! people drove around with them in their beds of pick ups...even during the primaries zero trump signs!... and those stupid signs and flags stayed up until Biden was in the office over a year...and now POOF!

Raphael Tiriel theKat ⋅ May 21, 2024

I disagree but we will see what happens.

Raphael Tiriel theKat ⋅ May 21, 2024

I just want to add that if I remember correctly, I believe no one wins the election and that it is sent to the House, where the Republicans have the majority of States and Trump becomes President after that.

theKat Raphael Tiriel ⋅ May 21, 2024

no wins? that has never happened...someone has to win

Raphael Tiriel theKat ⋅ May 28, 2024

It will be a Contingent election

theKat Raphael Tiriel ⋅ May 28, 2024

it won't happen. Trump will lose his ass even more than he did last time as he has lost a lot of supporters! Even within the Republican Party many are speaking out and that NEVER happens! Even in my redder than red state I see only one or two trump signs. 4 years ago the whole city had trump signs. he is a a criminal and mafia

Raphael Tiriel theKat ⋅ June 06, 2024

Actually, support for him has grown stronger since the sham trials. Believe what you want and time will tell.

theKat Raphael Tiriel ⋅ June 06, 2024

even in Indiana the reddest of red states I see only one or two trump signs. most of the republicans I know are not voting for him. I also remember your posts about last election and all of it was 100% wrong... Biden still won

Raphael Tiriel theKat ⋅ June 08, 2024

The last election I confused it with this election. I clarified it on Twitter because I talked about a third party coming up, and this time the third party is coming up. The election being stolen was real. The democrats rigged the election but elections have been rigged for a long time. Biden didn't really win the last election. I still think that Biden won't be on the ballot. RFK Jr will come up and win at least a state, maybe more. The Democrats will begin to implode, and the Republicans will take control. If this doesn't happen, then we are screwed because the Democrats are destroying America. Go ahead and believe what you want.

theKat Raphael Tiriel ⋅ June 09, 2024

you confused it with last election??? Do you believe that? Do you think you have the power to see the future? You might want to talk to someone over this

Raphael Tiriel theKat ⋅ June 10, 2024

I didn't say I see the future. I read documents in 1998 that someone gave me about the future, and those documents have come true. All my knowing what will come videos document this.

woman in the moon May 21, 2024

Not a lot of Trump signs in my section of Iowa either.
I hope I live long enough to find out what happens next.

Raphael Tiriel woman in the moon ⋅ May 21, 2024

We will see. I believe you will live long enough to find out. Time tells all.

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